Tropical Golf 13/09

Green Valley ( Stableford)We’ve been to this Course a few times over the years and it has always been a pleasure to play. I remember walking down the road from the ‘Old Clubhouse’ with old type spikes clumping down the road and teeing off on what is now the second hole.

There have been a few changes over the years, many that have not been an improvement in my view, but we have still been left with a Course that ranks with the best in the area. The Course is a fairly open Course and thus the wind always seems to be there as it was on this day, and in general the Course was in good condition with maybe the fairways a bit spongy.

We were away on time and the round progressed well although with a spongy fairway we had little run and the Course seemed to play long. Amazing how the Course seems to get longer as we get older. Mind the rain held off and we had a good walk around.

Soon showered it was a quick bite in one of the fine restaurants they have here, before into cars and back to BJ’s.

Most of the players usually eat at BJ’s when we get back but that usually takes little time and it was soon into the results.

The winner on the day was Tom Cotton with a fine 39 points on countback over Mashi Kanata in second. In third was Andre Van Dyk with 37 points on countback over Graham Buckingham. The it was time to relax. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Tom Cotton (2) Graham Buckingham Andre Van Dyk
Long Put Dick Warberg (2)

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