Tropical Golf 13/03

Friday, March 13

Wangjuntr, Valley – Stableford

Well, here it is a Friday and it’s the 13th. Just what is in store for the group this day as we get ready to head out on the longer than usual trip to our venue of the day, Wangjuntr. After an early breakfast and check in at BJ’s, the group was into the cars and on the road by 0800 and an hour and a quarter later at the course. The Valley course had been selected for the day as one can walk here and we generally have more walk-ers that cart-ers. We had played the Highlands layout last month and the Jungle trek was not available so after a swift check in we were off Valley No. 1 playing the “Right” greens. First surprise came early as the “Right” green on the 1st was closed, so it was a quick left turn, over the water to the “Left” green. Never mind, just hope the caddy knows which greens are open as we wind through the Eucalyptus and Rubber forests. Interesting layout with the fairways and greens in good condition, however, the greens keeper must have woke up and said, “Let’s put the holes in the most diabolical spots we can today”.  The majority of the pin locations were on small shelves, close to the edges, with severe slopes running off, some into bunkers or water hazards.  But then, what were we to expect on a Friday the 13th anyway.

Reaching the 10th hole, we found a couple of deer lounging around the green. Interesting but soon it seemed we were playing in a game reserve as deer were seemingly everywhere. Our second group witnessed a two Stags locking antlers and kicking up the dust as a small herd of does and fawns grazed away. Quite a sight it was as we wandered over the hills and dales of the back nine. The organizers did forget that there are three of the par 3’s on this nine, so an extra near pins flag had to be devised and set out. After the tough walk and the final hike up the long stairway to the showers most were wondering if anyone had managed to play to their handicap.

Back at BJ’s by 5:30 we realized that playing the Valley course does have the advantage of not having the extra Wangjuntr “Travel Time” from the clubhouse to the 1st Tee and back that the Highlands and Jungle courses have. So, with some digging into a late lunch and a thirst quenching beverage, the scores were tabulated and it was soon announced that one Gerd Riedler had tamed the monster this day with a fantastic 41 points off his 11 handicap for his first win with the Tropical Golf group. Congrats Gerd, great round with those pin positions. With only one flight today, Landis Brooks (9) took second with a fine 36 points, followed by Jim Ferris(21), 35 points, and Nigel Perry(27), 32 points. Well done!


Near Pins: Landis Brooks, Tom McDowell, Andre Van Dyk, Nigel Perry, Mike O’Brien

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