Tropical Golf 12/6

 Friday, June 12, Greenwood (A & B)  ST

Tom Herrington Trims Greenwood!

The end of the golfing week this time put Greenwood Country Club as the target.  A bit of a longer drive, but a reasonable fee and usually fine conditions make the extra travel worthwhile.  After making a final check that all had their  sun-block, SPF 1000 recommended, the cars were loaded and we set out.

There were two surprises this day out.  The first was all expected it to be one of the hottest golf days of the year.  Though it started out that way, clouds and a breeze rolled in making the weather quite tolerable, then two 10-minute delays for not-so-heavy rain to cooled things down further.  The second surprise was less pleasant.  Though course condition would have to be classified (generously) as “good” both greens and fairways had many bare areas, prompting one golfer to rename the place Patchwood.  One who claimed to know said it looked more like rot or fungus than heat, but whatever the reason the condition of the green stuff at Greenwood is much diminished.  The forgiving design at Greenwood usually results in good scores. So what were the results this day?

A-Flight (0-15).  All three winners of the A-flight came in at 37 points, so the count-back math was a bit complicated.  When tabulated, the winner was Bob Watson (h’cap 5).  Bob also had the lowest net score of the day.  This guy can play!  Following Bob on count-back was Steve Truelove (9) and Maurice Roberts (13).  Maurice is our new PSC Golf Chairman. It’s a tough job so let us all support him anyway we can.

B-Flight (16+).  The best score of the day by a wide margin went to Tom Herrington (16) who after months of mediocre golf suddenly exploded with 41 points.  Well done!  Second place went to Kenny Chung (23) way back with 30 points, and a surprised Barry Elphick (22) finished  with 29 points.

Near pins:  Simon Niven (2), Bob Watson, Kurt Ebentheuer

Long putt: Landis Brooks



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