Tropical Golf 11/08

Tuesday The 11th August 2015: Bangpra (Stableford)

The monkeys were out in force on this day, there were hundreds of then all over the place. One jumped into the back of my cart while I was putting out and not knowing what was going on, I wondered why the caddie ran away over to the cart. Probably because her food was on the way up a tree. Mashi said one took a sandwich from him, sat down and opened it up and threw the meat away before eating the bread. So we know the monkeys are not carnivores. It seems that nearly all are little ones, what it is going to be like when they grow up I hate to think. One of the golfers said one of the big males had gone for one of the caddies and they had to stand it off, good job they do not eat meat. So back to the golf.

As we stood on the tee starting to get away we noticed that in front of us were four Lady Golfers, and they had the cheek to play off the same tee as us, not the red tees that is normal. They were all very young as well and seemed to have a lot of carts following them. Sadly they all hit the ball a country mile and seemed to be onto the green in two leaving our aged male ego a little bruised, They also moved along quite well for a four ball and seemed to get in very little trouble and did not hold our three ball back, apart from taking much longer on the greens. Really sad is it not?.

Meanwhile the ‘Boys’ toiled on playing some quite good golf in places. Despite the monkeys, this is a fine Course to play and as the original Golf Course on the Eastern Seaboard, it has matured really well. The big point for this Course is that the greens are historically extremely difficult to put on, if you are having a bad day, and three puts can destroy your day. Three puts abound.

However it is a great walk around and the wild life on the Course can be astounding, especially me after three putting again, I get really wild. Story of my round. However the fairways are fairly good and the rough not over punishing, just those chips and three puts. And on this day the greens were not even at their fastest, With fine weather however we had a very fine day out.

Round over and sitting in the restaurant I did not have my favourite ‘Bangpra Ice Cream’ proving I can fight back against those ‘Diabetes Readings’, mind the French Fries were very good. Seemingly my Grandson just got his Doctorate and his ‘Thesis’ was based on Diabetes, seems I have another member of the family I have to stop listening to. Soon as they get Doctor behind their name some people seem to go power mad!!!. Asked if I will call him Doctor now. My reply is unable to be printed.

I digress and we were back at BJ’s early and so got into the results nice and early and the scores were quite good with Watson having another mediocre round of gross 75, how annoying can it get?.

In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Brian Parish with a very fine 40 points. In second was Andre Van Dyk with a good round of 37 points ahead of a countback on 36 points, that saw Bob Watson in third and Dick Warberg just missing out. In the B Flight the winner was Don Carmody with a very nice 38 points ahead of Mick Coghlan in second with 37 points and Daryl Evans in third with 32 points. T.T.F.N.
Near Pin Brian Parish John Davis Maurice Roberts Alan Sullivan

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