Tropical Golf 1/9

Friday September 01, Treasure Hill – St

Steve Truelove On Top At Tough Treasure Hill!

A new month, a new Golfer of the Month Contest, and everyone wanted to be off to a good start.  However the opening September salvo was to take place at Treasure Hill, that sometimes should be called Terrible Hill.  Fourteen golfers signed up to give this course a try, and a good many of them regretted it.  Still, it was nice weather, cloudy but no rain, so off we went.

Treasure Hill has extended their 1050 bt special for all fees including a cart, so most if not all regular walkers signed up if for no other reason than to give the Caddie a break. The bad news was it was cart path only most of the way so sometimes caddie and golfer had to walk more than if they… walked.  Other groups have recently reported that TH is less than congenial about knowingly putting large groups (6-balls) in front of the PSC golfers, but we had open sailing this day. Still, be warned!  The course was in good if damp condition, and some weed killer would be useful, but overall this tough layout was in good shape.

Sometimes you fight the course and the course wins. One golfer however just ignored the difficult layout and went about his business in a professional manner. That was Steve Truelove (c/h 10) who used his long hitting to sail over most hazards to earn an excellent 38 points, five shots clear of the pack! Awesome Steve!  Next came a covey of “33’s”. Even with the next three winners tied at that score some others lost out on countback. The ever present Mashi Kaneta (17), Barry Elphick (27) and Brian Parish (12) all took a bow and realized never give up.

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