Tropical Golf 10/03

Tuesday The 10th March 2015: Crystal Bay ( Stableford)  

We are getting back to reality in the numbers we normally get at this time of the year, but even so we had 7 Groups meet at BJ’s for the trip to Crystal Bay. The players like meeting there for breakfast and many partake, but a cup of tea, of coffee, is still a good start to the  golfing day.

The trip down there is still a short one and on this day we went in the back way, it seemed to take out a bit of time. We also went a different way to Sukhumwit as North Road seems to be jammed up all the time and it seems it will be for some time. Chaos seems to reign.

A quick book in and then the big surprise, as we walked through the Restaurant my main criticism of it was seen to be dealt with. The carpet had been removed and a new flooring put in place. The place now looks modern and smart. Will miracles never cease?. Well done Crystal Bay.

Onto the Course where we were to play the C & A Nines. The first thing I noticed was the wind, I really do not know why it is always so windy here, probably because it is near the sea, The Course itself was O.K., if a bit wet and dry. Some places were really hard and dry and the club bounced and a few were a bit wet. The greens were as normal, multi coloured and not that good and the wind blew.

Round over it was a walk over the new floor, a bite to eat and back to the ‘Ranch’.

Back there it was time to get into the results.In the A Flight, 0 to 20, the winner was Mike O’Brien with 40 points. Mike is having a really good run at present and new irons seem to have helped. In second was John Davis with 38 points ahead of Walter Baechli with 37 points in third and in fourth was Doug Maiko with 36 points.Good scores by all. In the B Flight the winner with the best score of the day was Dave Cooper with 41 points. Dave has not been well for the last few days so once again it was beware of the sick golfer. In second was George King with 36 points ahead of Barry Elphick in third with 35 points and in fourth was Tom McDowell with 34 points. The regulars then sat and had a few.  T.T.F.N.

 Near Pin    Dave Cooper   Kenny Chung   Barry Elphick   MOB

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