Tropical Golf 09/06

Tuesday The 9th June 2015: Burapha (Stableford) Straight there and ‘Pay and Go’ on the day and as all know that was a nice surprise as we usually have to wait a while till the clock ticks over. So with such a fine start what more could one wish for but fine weather, the Course in best condition and great weather, well we got the lot, not bad for a Tuesday in June.


So onto the first and we were able to get away without delay, and were not held up all the way around. The weather as said was excellent, maybe a little hot, but this is Thailand after all and apart from the odd!! Golfer who found it a bit too hot the rest relished the day and had a great round.


So to the Course and we were a bit apprehensive as the last couple of times we went it had not been at it’s best, well on this day it was in very good condition. It seems there is to be a big Competition coming up soon and much work is being done on the Course. Seemingly it is important for the rough to be deep, The fairways to be narrowed, The greens to be true, cut and rolled, double cutting, and some rebuilding of the bunkers.  This being the Original Golf Course in the Eastern Seaboard it has matured well and it is a pleasure to play. So advert over, great day out.


I like the Restaurant here, has some good food, but as usual it was back to BJ’s and the players always seem to fill up on food there. So back a bit early it was soon time to get on with the results and we were really early.


In the A Flight, 0 to 21, the winner was Bob Watson with 37 points ahead of Maurice Roberts with 35 points in second and Andre Van Dyk with 34 points in third. In the B Flight the winner was Barry Elphick with 36 points ahead of Nigel Perry with 35 points in second and Graham Buckingham in third with 34 points.  Them as usual it was time to tell about the one that got away.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin   John Davis (2)   Henry Wong   Bob Watson

Long Put   Andre Van Dyk

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