Tropical Golf 09/06

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Friday, June 09, Emerald GC – St

Brian a True Gem At Emerald

Watching the US Open? Bah! More important is this Friday the Tropical Golfers paid a long overdue visit to Emerald Golf course – still for sale, credit cards accepted! Several golfers are traveling or taking some time off, yet we still had a lucky thirteen golfers meet up at BJ’s Lodge for nourishment and ambition. Despite a U-turn or two, all golfers found their way in plenty of time. Wow… has it been a year since we played here? What would it be like?

Emerald, by accident or design, is perhaps one of the most professional layouts in the area. You are not automatically entitled to a table flat lie just because you are in the fairway. The more thoughtful or talented golfers select clubs that seek the distance or side of the fairway with less slope. For the rest, its a good day to practice uneven lies. Welcome to real golf folks. That said, Emerald is quite interesting, and currently in fair to mostly good condition. A special that includes a cart makes it a worthwhile visit. Under cloudy and not too hot weather the challenging Emerald showed it can be beaten.

Results:  Some emeralds are rarer than diamonds, and Brian Parish (c/h 14) was rated flawless with 41 points, well clear of the next place. Way to go Brian! Next came Gerd Riedler (8) with 38 points off single digit, followed by Barry Elphick (26), and then Tom Herrington (15) winning with 34 on countback.

Best Nines non-winner:  Graham Buckingham and Dick Warberg

Remember: Swing hard, in case you hit it!

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