Tropical Golf 08/09

Burapha ( Stableford) It was nice to see the ‘Boys’ back after their trip last week to Hua Hin but I suspect some of them were a bit tired as one or two took the day off. However we noticed how quiet the roads are early in the morning, this certainly reminds me to appreciate the drive before the return in the High Season to normal. Or we hope for a return to normal.

We were there early, so had to wait a bit before signing in and this was after we had changed, so we were able to get out to the start nice and early and of course being us we got away. First off was the Aussie three ball with the low handicappers in it, so after they teed off the next group did not have to wait until they played their second shots but could tee straight off. Of course we did not after all we have some pride.

The way ahead was clear all the way around so we made good time, however as we walked down to the tee the board said the speed on the greens was 10 on the stimpmeter so we expected them to be really fast. I think they forgot to cut them or we are getting used to the greens here, however the greens were fine, fast from above but as usual slow from below. Nothing new.

The fairways are getting a bit dry and hard fairways are certainly causing my old bones to suffer, my hands are a bit tender. Also the fairways were a bit bare bur I suppose you cannot expect anything else at the moment. Add this to the normal wind and a really hot day and as you can imagine it was a really tough day. But good company makes any day fine.

A hot shower was a treat and a cold drink in the Restaurant was fine but we were soon into cars and away back to the home base. I have to say here that I do appreciate Mashi driving as 40 winks really sets me up. All that driving is fine before the game but on the way back it really is best to sit in the back and rest my eyes.

We were really early into the presentation and the winner was Andre Van Dyk with a fine 37 points. Andre also had two near pins so had a great day. In second was Mashi with 35 points and also a near pin that was as close to a hole in one as you would want. We then had a countback on 31 points that saw Bob Watson in third, Daryl Evans in fourth and Brian Parish just missing out. We then had a few cold drinks and chilled out. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin AVD 2 Mashi Kaneta John Perrin

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