Tropical Golf 08/02

Tuesday the 8th February 2016: Emerald ( Stableford) Let me say before we get into the report real, that this is not one of my favourite Courses. We have many happy hours discussing whether it is a really extra tough Course or a Nick Faldo Course that is built by a genius. And built for low handicap golfers.

I suppose if you were a low handicapper, as some of our players are, you would go into raptures about how it is built so that every shot is built to test your ability. with the ball always on a slope with the ball above or below your feet. Or you were playing downhill or uphill. Then when you reach a green you nearly always have a really testing shot to a green that is way way up above your head to show your skill. With lots of jungle all around that surely hold all sorts of nasty wildlife but is fine to look at, if you do not have to go into it.

However whilst a few years ago I could appreciate all this great design skill, these days I just want to hit a ball and bimble around and smell the roses. Hitting nearly every ball off a lie that is not level holds no joy and hitting up to a green that returns my ball to my feet is no longer a thing I look forward to. To top it all the ground on this day was like concrete and impossible for one of meager talents to get the ball up, and totally battered my hands.

So to the game , we moved well but after a while it was obvious that the Course was going to win and as we all struggled to score we noted the number of G.U.R. marked around the Course with bare patches. This was a tough day. Even our single handicappers struggled.

So the Course was dry, tough and on the day just too much to handle. That is not mentioning the greens which were so dry and fast that at times they were totally unplayable and three and four puts abounded. On a day when the Course is wet and watered we will return to try and take our revenge, but untill then the Course has won hands down till a time in the future. .

Back at BJ’s we got into the results and it was soon apparent that the scores were to be the worst for a long time and much discussion was held about the greens, not for a long time have we all struggled so much.

In the A Flight, 0 to 16, we had the best scores. The winner with 34 points was Doug Maiko ahead of a countback on 33 points that saw Tommy Marshall in second and Maurice Roberts in third.

In the B Flight the winner was Mike Gerrard with 30 points ahead of a countback on 29 points that saw Tom McDowell in second and Paul Weatherly in third.

Pretty sad scores really and some of the winners did not make it back thinking such low scores had no chance, they stopped to drown their sorrows, but at Golf who knows. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Maurice Roberts AVD Doug Maiko (2)
Long Put Joseph Daryl Evans


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