Tropical Golf 07/10

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, October 07, Silky Oak – St

Landis Brooks Back Big Time

Time for the Tropical Golfers to head out to Silky Oak.  This is becoming a regular stop on the Tropical Golfers tour.  Is there any course with better scenery of the area?  With a later than usual start some took the opportunity to sleep in, others a more leisurely breakfast and extra cups of coffee.  Finally the lucky thirteen loaded up the cars and were on their way.

Arriving at the big facility, check-in was smooth and most golfers spent some time on the putting green before the long ride out to the first tee.  And what a first tee it is!  Ok folks, it’s not really a long carry, but for the first swing of the day it can be unnerving, and a few balls were put into retirement in front of a crowd.  Look to buy them at the pro shop next time out.  Silky Oak was in good condition.  The fairways excellent and greens well covered, but a few complained the greens were a bit bumpy, probably from coring a couple months back.  The weather which started out hot turned mild, the best we’ve had for a long time.  Of course, riding in style helps.  Despite all the water holes, Silky is famous for generating good scores, and today was no exception.

In first place Landis Brooks (c/h 8) showed everyone he hasn’t lost his touch after an extended trip to England by earning 40 points off his enviable handicap.  Great going Landis!  John Pierrel (16) was a point back with 39, and Dick Warberg (20) kept up his recent good form with 38 points, and deserving to win the count-back over Brian Parish with a 70-foot birdie putt on 18.

Near pins: Anders Pedersen, Barry Elphick, Peter Bailey, Landis Brooks, Don Carmody

In addition to our regular Tuesday/Friday golf outings, we are now making a trip out to one of the Lawn Bowling venues for a session of Lawn Bowls. Currently we are going on Sunday mornings so please check our bulletin board at ‘The BJ Holiday Lodge’ for particulars if you are interested in joining us for this activity.


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