Tropical Golf 07/08

Friday, 07 August, GREENWOOD- St
Another Friday and another booking up the 331, are we nuts or what? Last week getting to and from Pattana wasn’t too bad due to the long holiday weekend. How would it be getting through Amata City this week? With 17 meeting at BJ’s for breakfast, the groupings and transport assignments were set out and all were on the road by 0830. Traffic was not that heavy and within an hour all had arrived at Greenwood under cloudy skies. After a quick check-in, and what value for money currently at this course, we were off to the first tee to get the round started. Even with some recent rain in the area, carts were allowed in the fairways so no “Ball-in-Hand” today and it proved not to be required. Playing the “C” and “A” nines in that order, we found the course in great condition with good grass under the ball in the fairways and the greens running at a reasonable speed and true.
With a three groups of Korean students in front of us, the pace was not the quickest, but our lead group still finished in just over 4 hours so not all that bad. There was a brief, light rain shower mid-way through the front nine, but with the condoms on the bags and umbrellas up there was no need to take cover.
Round over, quick shower, cards collected and back on the road to Pattaya. Again, traffic wasn’t bad and we were all back at BJ’s settling down to “Burgers and Brew” while the results were tabulated. Due to the great condition of the course some good scores were anticipated and we quickly got to the presentation. With four 35 point rounds coming in behind Brian Parish’s 36 point effort, several count-backs, going down to the last 3 holes, were required for the also-rans. Congratulations Brian on a fine round.
1st: Brian Parish(13) 36 pts
2nd: David Nicholson(18) 35 pts, on c/b over,
3rd: Bob Watson(3) 35 pts, on c/b over
4th: Dick Warberg(19) 35 pts, on c/b over
Takeshi Hakozaki (12) 35 pts
Near Pins: Takeshi Hakozaki(2), Maurice Roberts, Tommy Marshall

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