Tropical Golf 07/07

Tuesday The 7th July 2015: Khao Kheow ( Stableford) This day is always one of the most looked forward to in the calendar month as we all get ready to play this difficult and rewarding Golf Course. Difficult because this is a tough Golf Course that ensures you stay focused as one bad shot can lead to big trouble, and rewarding because if you play well and score well you know you have had a fine day.

On this day we arrived on time and were told we were to play the A & B Nines, for me the best 18 holes, and that the B Nine greens were faster than the A Nine, and this we found to be true. Naturally we had a wind all day, I do not know what it is about the Eastern Seaboard but it always seems to be windy, I suppose it could be because we are near the sea on most of the Courses, but some of them are many miles from the sea.

Stood on the first tee the way ahead looked good, the Course appeared fine and we were told we could use buggies on most of the Course but one or two holes we had to be carefull and keep to the rough. One difference on the day is that A8 was set up to play as a par 4, so the par for the Curse was to be 71, small change but interesting as when it is a par 5 the tee shot is one of the most difficult around.

So off we went on A1 and the Course was as we expected it. With the wind behind the first four holes were not too bad but playing into the wind the last 5 holes we found the going hard. The fairways were quite good but the greens were a bit slow. All in all the A Nine was as difficult as expected and most players struggled. Onto the B Nine and if seemed to be a little better manicured, but the wind was still up and the walkers started to tire making this nine hard work. As we were told the greens on the second nine were indeed a bit faster but all in all there was an inconsistency. Players finished the round very tired. I expected the scores to be not very good.

Sat in the finely placed Restaurant as the scores came in it was obvious that except for a couple of scores the Course had won as is usual.

Back at BJ.s and it was soon time for the results when it was seen that except for one score the Course had a usual been the winner. In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the Winner with 32 points was Takeshi Hakozaki, ahead of a countback on 31 points that saw Paul Smith in second, Landis Brooks in third and Andre Van Dyk just losing out. The scores attested to the difficulty of the Course on the day.

However we had two good scores in the B Flight as the Winner, Derek Brook, had a very fine indeed 40 points, as they say every dog has his day. In second place the other good score came from Barry Oats with 36 point then in third we had a countback on 31 points that saw Henry Wong in third and Nigel Perry just missing out. So Khao Kheow 21, Drawn 1 and Tropical Golf 1. Quite a massacre, however the beer tasted good.

Incidentally on the 18th hole a dog pinched the near pin marker and ran off with it. Thanks go to the caddies who chased after the dog and got back a much chewed marker. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Nigel Perry AVD Jon Dean Daryl Evans
Long Put Daryl Evans

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