Tropical Golf 06/02

Friday, February 06, Pattana, St
Landis and Brian Prevail at Pattana

‘Twas the first Friday of February and the Tropical Golf Group had a treat in store as the schedule called for a trip to Pattana. It was a full house at BJ’s Lodge this morning as 34 golfers gathered to partake in the breakfast and favorite brew – as in coffee or tea. What were you thinking? The Organizer did a good job and all golfers were soon smoothly on their way with minimum fuss.
Pattana is a fine course, and is there any better clubhouse to come back to after a round? Conditions this day were good all around, even the weather cooperated, and we were assigned the “A” and “C” nines. It was great to have a reasonable starting hole other than the dreaded “B-1”. Fairways were pretty good and mostly weed free. The greens at Pattana are challenging (to be polite) but that goes with the territory when playing a higher end course. The only complaint was some greens were quite hard – as in solid, making many approach shots nearly impossible to hold. Some greens were also quite hard – as in contoured. Three putts were common. Playing off the yellow tees compensated somewhat for the course difficulty. Back at BJ’s it took a while to tabulate so many scores, but finally the results came out.

A-Flight (0-16): Landis Brooks (9) showed why it is a “single digiter” with the best score of the day racking up an impressive 40 points. Great playing and putting Landis! Next in line was Bob Edwards (11) with a close 39 points, followed by Andre Van Dyk (16) with 37, and then Ted Morris (14) and Richard Kubicki (10) each with 36.

B-Flight (17+): This was the day of 37 points with a 4-way countback! Brian Gabe (17) took first in his flight with a fine 37 points barely beating Paolo DeGrandis (31), Mick Coghlan (20), and Dick Warberg (18) all with the same total. It pays to finish strong. Mike O’Brien (22) finished with a fine 36 points.

Near pins: Brian Parish, Gerhardt Bauer, Mashi Kaneta, Henry Wong, Mike O’Brien, George King (2)
Congrats to all!

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