Tropical Golf 05/06

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Friday, June 05, Mountain Shadow – St

Mark & Mashi Share Top Honors!

Greetings golf fans.  It’s now June and the dog days of summer are in full swing.  Nevertheless a fine showing of 22 golfers met at BJ’s Lodge to fill up on food and gossip, and to discuss the outing for the day.  On the rotation was Mountain Shadow, a course that strikes fear into the heart of many golfers.

The weather this day was classified as “good” meaning good for this time of year. It was hot of course but a steady breeze kept things tolerable and the bugs away, and near the end of the round cloud cover arrived to make it even better.  The greens at MS are in good condition and fairly tricky.  Sadly the fairways were hard and in scrappy shape. Many a ball hit to the middle of the fairway still found itself on dirt, or if one was lucky, dead grass.  What a difference some rain from Mother Nature would make!  Well, on to the results.

A-flight (0-14):  We had some good golfers this day and the A-flight just went up to handicap 14, and it was all 12-handicappers to make the winners list.  In first place was PSC Golf Chairman Mark West (12) with a fine 36 points.  Well played Mark as you wind up your term in office.  In second came Denis Sabourin (12) with 34 points, followed by Brian Parish (12) with 33.

B-flight (15+):  Mashi Kaneta (15) is not used to playing in the B-flight but it didn’t faze him as he took first place with a fine 36 points.  Runner-up John Anderson (28) had an excellent 35 points, and Bob Britton (15) gathered 32.

Near pins:  Takeshi Hakozaki, Steve  Truelove, Ted Morris, Mashi Kaneta

Long putts:  John Davis, Dick Warberg

One of our regular golfers and all around good guy Brian Gabe is heading back to Michigan for four months. We’re going to miss Brian and his all-knowing smart phone.  Hurry back Brian.



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