Tropical Golf 03/04


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Friday, April 03, Crystal Bay, Stableford

Andre Clubs the Field with New Sticks

This Friday a large group gathered at BJ’s Holiday Lodge for breakfast and the usual pre-round excuses on why their game will suffer today, most excuses having to do with activities the night before.  Andre Van Dyk’s pre-round excuse was he was sporting a new set of irons for their first use ever, not even trying them at the range yet.  Slow season?  Twenty nine would-be golfers showed up for the ride to Crystal Bay.

Crystal Bay is one of the best values in the area.  The course is quite affordable and in good condition.  B-Course is still closed so we played C-A.  No doubt about it, the dog days of summer are here.  Umbrellas came out on the first tee and water flowed, though a steady breeze helped.  Despite its share of tricky holes Crystal Bay is quite playable and scores are usually on the high points side, and such was the case today.

Back at BJ’s as the scores were announced, it quickly became clear that unless you shot your handicap or better your main job now was to clap and order another beverage.

A-Flight (0-18).  Andre Van Dyk (16) baptised his new clubs in grand style by taking first place with 39 points!  Well done Andre, and you should consider a new set every week. Gerd Riedler (9) was next with 37 points, followed by Max Scott (4) and Brian Parish (14) each with 36.

B-Flight (19+).  Dick Warberg (19) tied the best score of the day with 39 points playing with the same old clubs.  A message there?  Then came the “Battle of Thirty Six” as the next three places required count-back calculation before it was announced that Nigel Perry (27) edged Dave Nicholson (19) and Dave Cooper (21).  It pays to finish strong.

Near  Pins: Tom Herrington, Max Scott, Steve Truelove (2), Mike O’Brien, Max Bracegirdle, Henry Wong.

Long Putt: Kenny Chung.





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