Tropical Golf 03/03

Tuesday The 3rd March 2015: Khao Kheow ( Stableford) Well it looks like my optimism with the number of Golfers turning out, and maybe we are into the Low Season, was misplaced as on this day we were once more over full. Still it was a happy group who set off to Khao Kheow as Mark West had just reminded us all that we could use the PSC Vouchers to play there.

So with Dick stopping on the way we were soon booked in, paying Voucher Rate, and changed and onto the Tee, where we found out we were to play then B & C Nines. Oh happy days and were also to notice that the Course seemed pretty full and we had a wait on the first tee.

Mind not for too long and we were soon away and not very late. I soon noticed that the groups ahead all had carts and played off the white tees so they were pretty fast and soon disappeared ahead leaving us a clear path and doing our best to keep up.

The Course was in fair condition as the area had missed the down pours of the day before, but it was still a bit wet and the grass was a bit long especially in the rough and the ground was still spongy on the fairways in places. Apart from the strong wind though, we had and excellent day out.

Round over it was a quick bite to eat in the excellent Restaurant and back to Pattaya and BJ’s. Then into the presentation.

In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Ken Hole with 43 points ahead of Richard Kubicki in second with 35 points and then a countback on 33 points that saw AVD in third and John Deane just missing out. In the B Flight it was a similar situation. The winner with 39 points was Mike O’Brien with 39 points ahead of Tom McDowell in second with 34 points and a countback on 32 points saw Carole Kubicki in third and Derek Brook just missing out. Then as normal we had a few ‘Cold Uns’. T.T.F.N.

Near Pins A.V.D. George King Brian Parish Mick Coghlan Brian Gabe Carole Kubicki Ken Hole Barry Elphick
Long Putt M.O.B. Mark West Ken Hole George King

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