Tropical Golf 03/02

PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group
Tuesday, Feb. 03,
Khao Kheow, Stableford

Well, here we are, first Tuesday of the month and we are off to one of our favorite courses, Khao Kheow. No one wonders about the condition of the course as it always seems to be a cut above the norm and the only question is, “Which nines will we be assigned to play this day?” Everyone seems to have a favorite pair or at least one nine they do not like very much. So after breakfast and last minute adjustments to the transport assignments and playing order due to a couple late “no-shows”, we were off up the “7” and soon at the course. The trip doesn’t seem to take very long anymore even with the detours due to all the highway construction projects underway.

Arriving at the course, there was a bit of a back up at the bag-drop, but with many caddies ready to go we were soon out of the cars and into the office where the check-in was quick and efficient. Soon we were at B-1 being assigned to play the “B” and “C” nines this day and the starter had the first group off under sunny skies and a bit of a breeze. The pace of play was steady and with most of the walkers getting a lift between nines, the groups finished their round in 4 ½ hours.

Sat in the restaurant, great view, collecting scorecards and wondering who was going to win the day, the players or the course. As the cards rolled in and the split made into two flights, it became obvious that the higher handicappers did better than the lower handicappers on this day. Even the technical prizes were following this norm. So it was back into the cars and quickly back to Pattaya and the food and drink waiting at BJ’s.
The flight split today came at 20 and with a beverage in hand and several enjoying a bite to eat, the results were announced. Congratulations to “B-flighters” Carole and Mike for beating their handicaps, great playing, and to the Kubicki’s for each winning their respective flights. Finally, big thanks to all the participants and to BJ, Lek and their Staff for taking excellent care of us. We’ll return to Khao Kheow next month and see if we can do a bit better against the course. The full results were as follows:

“A” Flight
1st : Richard Kubicki (10) – 33 pts
2nd : Tom McDowell (20) – 32 pts, on c’back over,
3rd : Colm Mullen (16) – 32 pts.

1st : Carole Kubicki (21) – 38 pts
2nd : Mike O’Brien (22) – 37 pts
3rd : Kurt Ebentheuer (34) – 31 pts

Near Pins: Don Carmody, Carole Kubicki, Tom McDowell, Judi Christopherson

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