Tropical Golf 02/01

Friday, January 02 Pattavia,  ST New Year Starts Perfect At Pattavia

This Friday as the first outing of 2015 for the Tropical Golf Group.  The recent change in venue can officially be labeled a success, and we all look forward to 2015 Playing from BJ’s Holiday Lodge.  The first outing of the year was to Pattavia CC, which itself went through major changes in the past year.  What an auspicious first outing of the year it was.

The drive to and from Pattavia went faster than usual due to light holiday traffic, and no, the final road to the course is not improved.  However all made it and the large group checked in without delay.  Weather was perfect, with cooler temps and a brisk breeze keeping  umbrellas in the bag.  Course conditions are good with fairways weed free and and the firm ground gave quite a bit of roll.  The greens?  Well the greens were in good condition grass-wise, but group after group came in to report super of slick highly contoured greens that made putting beyond difficult.  Short downhill putts could roll right off the green.  Rumors of pros coming to Pattavia to practice putting for The Masters could not be confirmed. Negative comments about teflon greens were soon reduced however as the scores were within reasonable range.

The best score of the day came from A-flight (0-19) and went to Rob (Mr Consistent) Brown (10) who with 37 points must have thought the greens were “just right”.  Excellent golf Rob!  Also impressive this day was Doug Maiko (16) with 36 points, followed by Landis Brooks (9) and Brian Parish (15) each with 33 points.

In B-flight (19+) it was a fight to the finish and in the end John Merritt (28) beat Karen Brown (35) on countback at 34 points, and then Tom Cotton (26) did the same to Dave Cooper (21) both earning 33 points.  Well played to all. Nothing like starting the New Year right!

Near pins: Andre Van Dyk (2), Landis Brooks, Brian Parish

Long putts: Graham Buckingham, Tom Cottom

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