Tropical Golf 01/09

Tuesday The 1st September 2015: Khao Kheow (Stableford) This was going to be a good day for me as ‘Organiser’ as 4 Groups of our players were away in Hua Hin and I envisaged a nice quiet day. And so it turned out. With a few players at BJ’s early on there was little paperwork to do and we were soon on our way there.

The test for the day was to be The B & A Nines in that order and with the numbers we had it was a question of you four are second and we are first. This is really the most peaceful run up to a round I have had for a long time. So off we went and immediately got stuck behind a slow 4 ball, but for once I was not stressed out. Just a walk in the park and a smell of the roses.

The Course was in quite good condition however the greens were a bit slow and the fairways a little bare, But what a fine day and the scores were good. Soon around it was time for a shower and up to the Restaurant for a bite to eat. There is a fine view from the Restaurant and the food is good and well priced. However it was time to go back, and this is when I realised the draw back of some of our players being away. I was driving and I really missed sitting in the back of Mashi’s car and relaxing my eyes. Come back Mashi all is forgiven.

Back at BJ’s it was soon time for the result and the winner with 36 points was Landis Brooks ahead of Takeshi Hakozaki in second with 35 points and Dick Warberg in third with 34 points on countback from Derek Brook. As we were sat around the table it was time for a laugh and a beer. Mind next week the ‘Boys’ will be back and they were really sorely missed. T.T.F.N.

001 Winner and Runner up relaxing.

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