Tropical Bet’s 22/10

Tuesday The 22nd October 2014:  Green Valley ( Stableford) This is probably the last time we will play here until we come back to the next Low Season, I said probably because nothing is set in stone. We now come to a time when Green Fees go thru the roof and Tee Times get hard to get. So back to the other Courses.


Mind all is not lost, this is a really fine Course but there are so many others that we can take a break. However on this day we were full, even having an extra group. As I said I have no idea how many people are turning up week by week, until the sign up sheet goes up. Really surprising some times.


So off we went and found Green Valley wet after the rain of late but all in all in really good condition. The fairways were fairly dry but in places they were a little bit soggy which fit in well with the ‘Lift, Clean and Place ‘ decided on the day and we did pick up a lot of mud on the ball. The weather was great, the greens in good conditions and all in all a great day. So finish and get back to Bert’s.


The results showed that only one player had beaten his handicap. In the A Flight, 0 to 15, the winner was John Davis with 34 points on countback from Andre Van Dyk in second and Mark West in third. In the B Flight the winner was Don Carmody with the best score of the day and 37 points. We then had a 4 way countback on 33 points that saw Graham Buckingham in second, Mikito Homma in third and Derek Brook and Dick Warberg just missing out. Then we sat and replayed the day.  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin    Steve Hamstad   Peter Blackburn   Tom Cotton   John Davis

Long Put    Daryl Evans


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