Tropical Bert’s 10/09 & 13/09

Tuesday The 10th September 2013: Bangpra ( Stableford) Some players have good taste as shown by the fact that the list for the day was over full. Still a packed morning at Bert’s saw all on transport to the Course and a little later we were all there.

Nice and quick book in and we were all either at the start or on the practice range. Still there were enough of the first groups to get underway a bit early. So off we went and the Course was in fine condition as we went down the first. We also noticed as we got to the first green that the green looked good, and we were to find as we went around that the greens were very fast and really tricky. It was seen by most as a problem as most players, including the scribe, went on a blitz of three putting.

I am told the fairways were in good condition, not seeing many, but the walk was great. I can also say the rough was really difficult to get out of, it seemed to grab the club as it went through and the ball went as it felt fit. With the fast greens, the tough rough and a hot and humid day I could see some low scores, if my card was anything to go by. Probably not helped by the fact that all par 3’s were over 180 yards, very tough.

Quick shower and soon up to the restaurant. This place for many years has had for me one special, Rainbow Ice Cream, so of course I had to have one. Never mind the blood sugar readings. This is pure luxury and if it means I have to diet for a while who cares. Good stuff.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, we had a three way countback on 33 points. In first place was Mashi Kaneta, in second Trevor Davis and in third Tom Herrington. In the B Flight Barry Oats won with 39 points by a street, ahead of Barry Elphick in second with 31 points and Rita Zoebeli in third with 28 points.

Near Pin Walter Baechli Barry Oats Barry Elphick Max Scott
Long Putt Don Carmody Mashi

2013-09-10 17-53-57 - IMG_0872Berts3
Winners and Second in each Flight

The 13th September 2013: Crystal Bay (Stableford)
Always a favourite with the players at Tropical Bert’s, it was a happy group of golfers who gathered there early this morning. It always smells good at Bert’s and we get ready for the trip as many tuck into ‘The Golfers Breakfast’, and for all there is a cup, or two, of tea or coffee.

Well the trip down there was very slow, probably being Friday Morning, but we still just made it there on time. A quick change and we teed off more or less on time into a growing wind. Also no carts on the fairways When this happens I usually try to get a ‘Chubby’ caddie and let her drive. Amazing if you drive, how it is always ‘No Fairway’, but as expected on this day my nice caddie was a little lax on the no fairway bit.

The ground was actually not too bad considering it had poured it down the night before, so we got along for a few holes very well. Then it rained and rained, so the bag covers went on and we tried to plough on before finally having to stop in a rest stand. In fact we stopped a couple of times as the rain kept up most of the rest of the day. Still we had planned for it because we knew the course was going to be wet and soggy, so we played off the ‘Mickey Mouse Tees’.The only players who were a bit upset at the end were the ‘Silver Tees Players’, still you can’t win them all.

Back at Bert’s, after a slow drive back, it was soon time for the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Alan Taddei with 42 points ahead of a countback for second that was won by Maurice Roberts on 40 points ahead of Mark West in third. In the B Flight the winner was Walter Baechli with 39 points ahead of Dick Warberg in second on countback. In third was Nigel Perry with 38 points ahead of Derek Brook and Joel Flor on countback. The night being young we then partook of a couple of ‘Cold One’s’. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin
Alan Taddei Don Carmody (2) Mashi Kaneta

2013-09-13 17-45-15 - IMG_0874Berts1
Winner A Flight

2013-09-13 18-19-35 - IMG_0876Berts2
Winner and Runner Up B Flight. Walter awake as usual.

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