Tropical Bert’s 25/06 & 28/06

Tuesday The 25th June 2013: Green Valley ( Stableford) Not played much Golf the last couple of weeks, went on ‘Me Holidays’ to Malaysia. Go there for their Malayan Emergency Remembrance, it sort of cleans the spirit. I must also have to thank Dick Warberg who stood, not only in the gap, which he always does, but for keeping all the players on their toes.

I came back to not only a great day out at a fine Course, but to The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month. As usual this was still up in the air, and even I had a chance despite missing a few games. The ‘Leading Lights’ were Dick and those two ‘Golfers’ Bob Watson and Max Scott. We would however see who came to the front.

It is always nice to play Green Valley, I seem to remember this was the first Course I played way back in ‘92’, I thought it was good then and I think it is still the best Course from this Clubhouse to this day. On this day the Course seemed quiet and we were allowed to get off very early, on a dark and dismal day. The fairways were still wet so the Course played long, made even more difficult by a strong wind that seemed to be always in your face. It was a typical day on a Course at the present. Even the greens were different as some were sanded, but seemed to run true.

Our 4 ball played well and from our scores I expected we may have some good scores with Walter always that bit ahead of the rest, could he slip in?. Soon around it was soon time to get to the changing room and into a warm shower for a change, then I thought I would try the food in the German Restaurant. A bit disappointing really, I usually like the food.

Back at Bert’s very early, we usually get on with the presentation, but on this day we were so early we had a long wait. Still eventually we were all ready and off we went.

The winner on the day was Walter Baechli with 39 points ahead of a countback on 38 points that saw Daryl Evans in second and Derek Brook in third. In fourth we had Bob Watson with 37 points.

The point now was who would win the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month. Well it was not one of the favourites as with his second place Daryl Evans won the MBMG Golfer of the Month. Well done Daryl. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Walter Baechli Bob Watson (2) Max Scott

bert 25 01

bert25 02

Friday The 28th June 2013: Wangjuntr ( Stableford) It’s a fair trip to this Golf Course, probably the reason many players decided to stop in bed. The Course is a fair distance past Greenwood, and that is a fair distance to go, but on the way back Daryl said it took him just 70 minutes, so once in a while, why not?.

So to the Course.Well we played the ‘Highlands’ and for those that have not been there it can be high, and the greens can be more than tricky. One player said he reached the 18th green in two and after six he was further from the hole than he was in two. The whole Course was in great shape with a few wet strips here and there. This is probably why we did not play the Valley 18 holes as we were supposed to, it was probably very wet.

One of the things noted by the players was that the Course was very well marked, the Hazards were well staked, and the G.U.R. was well marked. One thing that did not work well was the playing of the greens. We were supposed to play the ‘Right’ greens and some of the groups ended up playing the ‘Left’ greens as they were given the cards for these. Really exciting, what. Sad, but some did not realise until they were back in Bert’s that they had played the wrong greens. A life of Golf with us is never boring !!!.

Talking of being back at Bert’s, there was a long time between the cars arriving, Rumour has it that when Dick phoned Daryl to ask where his cards were, Daryl was back at the Dolphin Roundabout. Strangely the Course was quiet!. So to the Results, and in his last game before he went ‘Home’, John Harrison won with 32 points. In a countback on 30 points John Davis came in second and Joel Flor came in third. It sure was a tough Course but a pleasure to play. T.T. F.N.

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