Tropical Bert’s we 09/05

Tuesday The 6th May 2014: Khao Kheow ( Stableford) Just another day out at a top class Golf Course at a great rate. Unfortunately some of us have to do this all the time as someone has to do it and it might as well be us. So a bunch of us zipped down the Route 7 and booked in for a 10 O’clock Tee off.

The book in went smoothly as It usually does at K.K. and we were soon at the start where we learned the test for the day would be the C & A in that order. Getting to the start of C Nine we were surprised to see a bit of a build up at the start and just before us a 6 ball tried to get away, but fortunately the eagle eyed starter saw them and split them up as two three balls. Fine for us but I feel they were not the happiest. As I said to the starter some of the five balls are quicker than some of our four balls. Happy days.

The start of the C Nine is not nice with all that water on the left side and I have been in there more than once in the past, still on this day our group were dry. One thing noticeable was that the wind was starting to rise and we were to be hassled by it for then rest of the round. The C is tough but our group got around fairly well, probably because we decided to play from the ‘Friendly’ white tees. Despite the tough test on the day I was expecting good scores, and I was not let down as proved by my group where 18 points on the front nine was the lowest. Ah but how would the A Nine look after us.

The greens all the way around were slow, and the fairways were a little soft as we had have had a lot of rain of late. Still all in all the Course was a pleasure to play and despite the wind we had a great time. But how would the rest of our players manage on this Course. The rumbles from the sky threatened a sudden deluge all day, and the rain started to spot as we started The A Nine, however it went away and we were a bit surprised when we found many of the other Courses, and Pattaya, were soaked. Sad innit!!.

The drive back always passes in a blur, however we were soon back at Bert’s and the results were in. The winner with a massive 46 points for probably the best round of his golfing life was Brian Parish. This equated to a gross 75 and on the C Nine a gross 34. Great round and well done. The rest of the players were back in the dust and had been ‘Well Done’. We had a countback on 37 points that saw Derek Brook in second and Mashi Kanata in third. In fourth was Graham Buckingham with 35 points on countback over Brian Gabe.

We then had a couple, and told the tale. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Mashi Kanata Mick Coghlan Derek Brook AVD
Thursday The 8th May 2014: Burapha ( Stableford) This was one day earlier than we normally play and was a bit of a weird day as most of the players from Tropical Bert’s were playing at Plutaluang in The Papa Ray Memorial, run by Dave Richardson, including the normal Organisers.

So Tom Herrington stepped into the breach and got those who turned up at Bert’s into a Mini Bus and off to Burapha. There we relaxed a bit before reaching the first tee. as one does at Burapha, before being told the test for the day was to be the A & C Nines, not a bad test of golf and a great drive around as carts must be used here.

Suffice to say it was a nice day out with the only problems being a couple of holes on the C Course being under repair. Apart from that it was a really fine day out and soon over as the Course was fairly quiet. So with the round over it was a nice cool shower, as it was hot, a bite to eat in the restaurant, and back to Bert.s.

It did not take long to work out the results, with all players playing quite reasonably. The winner on the day was Jim Ferris with 34 points ahead of John Hackett in second with 33 points. We then had a countback for third on 31 points that saw Tom Herrington in third with Walter Baechli just losing out. T.T.F.N.

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