Tropical Berts we 19/09

Tuesday The 16th September: Bangpra ( Stableford) The peace and quiet of Bert’s on a Tuesday morning was shattered as the ‘Boys’ returned from where ever they had been. You know sometimes it Is nice just not to make out the start sheet and for the few to know who they are playing with without me having to resort to actually thinking.

However as I entered Bert’s there they all were including some who had come in at the last minute. Never mind in all honesty it was nice to see the list full and their holiday from a holiday played out. it was also good to smell the breakfast and coffee as many ate Bert’s brekkers and drank the coffee.

Arriving at Bangpra it was not surprising to see the ground soaking wet and some of the bunkers had water in them. So with carts not allowed off the path we played PSC rules. We were off a little early, and with the first three groups being 3 balls a gap soon developed ahead of us as we were the first 4 ball. Still we got around in good time.

The Course was wet and in some places very wet, still the weather was fine and all the players thoroughly enjoyed their day out. Soon back, a nice cool shower and up to the restaurant saw many of the players enjoying the food. Then it was into cars and back to Bert’s.

One of the things I usually find is that when the going gets tough, the good golfers perform better than the higher handicappers, and so it proved on this day, and with the scribe slowly sinking in the West as a golfer, the B Flight is most comforting.

So in the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Bob Watson with 39 points that meant a gross 73. Great round in very trying conditions. In second was Brian Parish with 36 points and in third was Max Scott with 35 points. So to the needy, The B Flight, and here the scores were most modest. I really am glad to say, I do like the B Flight. So the winner in the B Flight was Patrick Poussier with 34 points ahead of Derek Brook in second with a magnificent 29 points and Nigel Perry in third with 28 points. T.T.F.N.

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