Tropical Berts we 16/05

Wednesday The 14th May 2014: Bangpra ( Stableford) A difficult day to write up as I usually laud the Course and say what a great time we have had, on this day, sadly, I cannot. I also usually comment on the Monkeys and will comment later, but I did lose from my cart while inattentive, I should know better. so onto a report that will not be as good as previous, but I am sure normal service will soon be resumed.

We had a good turnout for the day and early at Bert’s was fairly packed as they tucked into Tropical Bert’s ‘Golfers Breakfast’ and of course being busy I missed it, but I did have a cup of hot coffee. The World was in a good place. So we got on to transport and were away to Bangpra.

Arriving there, the book in was quick, as usual, and the place seemed a bit quiet, so we were soon at the start. In fact we were able to get away quite a bit early. Walking down the first the Course seemed as normal, except the lie seemed a bit bare and the ground seemed a bit hard, indeed my second shot bounded on over the green. I noticed the green seemed a bit ‘hairy’ as the greens are normally lightning fast.

Ten holes on with six no returns for me it was more than obvious. The ground was bone hard with large areas of brown in the rough, with no grass, where I was for most of the time and the greens were not up to their normal standard. Really surprising as it seems to have rained a lot lately but maybe this Course must have missed the rain. This was most surprising to me as I cannot remember this Course being in this condition and I have been playing here a long time. There was a lot of spraying going on and I can only surmise it is something to do with the foresaid comments. However my hands were in some pain by this time. Obviously I do not play well off rock hard ground.

There was a fair wind blowing that cooled so the round was quite pleasant, apart from the ground, indeed we even saw one of the big monitor lizards that was sunbathing on one of the greens. It was sad that our approach shots caused it to go back into the water. They get really big and this was one of the big ones.

We also noticed that the place was teeming with monkeys, it is that time of the year when they have the little ones and many of the mothers were carrying them. This also makes the big males really touchy and I thought we had got away with interaction with them as we walked across to the 17th green from my cart. Fortunately we had looked around and although I could not see anything I put away all my valuables in my golf bag. As we putted out we looked at the cart and one of the big ones was in the cart looking around and we noticed that it had something white and as we dashed to the cart it ran off with the white ‘Thing”. Took some time but I finally realised that it was my ‘Electrolyte Powder’ so if you see a monkey frothing at the mouth, it is probably eating it. However do be carefull.

A quick change then up to the Restaurant for my special here, I can remember when I used to book the Course for ‘Rainbow Ice-Cream’. Still good, in fact great.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results and obviously some can play on rock hard and bare ground, most cannot. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Maurice Roberts with 42 points ahead of Bob Watson in second with 36 points and Max Scott in third with 33 points. In the B Flight the winner was Jim Ferris with 42 points ahead of Barry Oats with 35 points and third Daryl Evans with 31 points. Both winning scores were really extraordinary. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Brian Gabe Steve Hamstad Barry Oats Landis Brooks


Winners with one of Bert’s finest
Friday The 16th May 2014: Pattaya Country Club ( Stableford) When I first retired here, all those years ago, we played Pattaya Country Club on a very regular basis but this has dropped off drastically over the last few years for very good reasons. However the Course has made some improvement of late. So after a couple of years or so we thought we would give it a try.

I remember the Course in those days, it was as boring as any Course around and yet my first year here I bought a years membership and played it regularly. The reason, for me, was that it had the best grassed fairways of any Course, quite extraordinary. Playing on the fairways were like playing off a carpet, really fine and it made it a great Course to play. Even if the view was really average.

So we heard there had been many changes made so we booked and on this day off we went. Dick heard there was a special deal on the Green Fee Rate so went up a few days earlier to buy some. This is a great deal if you want to play there a few times or take a group. So we all arrived with a green fee on the cheap, happy days.

I say arrived because since we played last many changes have happened or are in the process. Still used is the ‘Temporary’ Clubhouse, but a new one is in the process of being built. The way in has been changed as has the old parking area which has now been grassed. We shall see when the new Clubhouse is used and all settles down.

The front nine has 3 fairways being sanded and I notice some on the bunkers have been changed on the first par 5. The greens on the front nine were not too bad and the speed was fine. On the back nine the fairways were fine but the greens were slow and some in need of maintenance. But all were playable.

All in all the Course has had a lot of work on it but it still seems a work in progress, however at the special rate it is well worth a visit. Back in the Restaurant it was noticeable that they had some staff who could speak to the customers and the orders went down well. I say this because in years past one of the major problems was that the staff always seemed new and could not make you feel comfortable.

So back to Bert’s early and into the results. The winner on the day was Tom Herrington with 38 points on countback over Landis Brooks in second. We then had countback on 35 points that saw Dick Warberg in third and Barry Elphick in fourth. T.T.F.N.

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