Tropical Bert’s we 09/08

Tuesday The 6th August 2013: Khao Kheow (Stableford) After the excitement of the previous week, it was back to the normal grind as we were forced to get to the Golf Course and play Golf. Now we do not like to have to go play this game but on the basis that if no one played all those people who work at the game for a living would be out of work, we make do. Just imagine all those millionaires who would have to dig ditches for a living !!.

So off to what has to be one of the best Golf Courses around for a day of ‘Fun in the Sun’. We were to play the A & C Nines as the B Nine has been totally redesigned and is now in the process of growing into it’s new design. First looks seem to be positive and after all it will be fine to play a new nine here.

So off we went on A1, and the wind was up. The fairways on A Nine were badly scarred, and I suspect that once B Nine comes on line the A Nine will have to be rested and given time to recover, The C Nine seems to be in better condition. The greens all around are fine. I suspect it will not take long to ensure the A Nine recovers as a couple of years ago the whole Course seems to have been washed away, but it only took a couple of months and a lot of hard work to put it right. I think the A Nine will take no such massive effort.

So with the Course fairly quiet, and the way ahead with no groups, it was a pleasure to scoot around. It was a bit windy though and also quite hot so some of the walkers were absolutely tired out as they finally finished. Then back to a quick shower and a bite to eat.

Soon back at Bert’s it was soon time for a bite to eat and for me to promise all the players I would not tell the readers what were the winning scores. Of course I will totally ignore that promise because we only need to score enough points to win, and K.K. is a notoriously tough Course to score well on. It can destroy you and on this day it seemingly did. So the winner with 31 points was Paul Sharples on countback over Daryl Evans in second. In third was Dick Warberg with 30 points with George King in fourth with 28 points on countback over George Bayley. Suffice to say the rest of the players remain nameless, including the Scribe!!. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Max Bracegirdle Derek Brook Daryl Evans

2013-05-09 17-20-26 - IMG_0846Birts
Winner and Second

Friday The 9th August 2013: Eastern Star ( Stableford) A small group but a fine day with co-operating weather and a Course in much improved condition from the last time we played. A bit of sand remaining on a few greens but all running at a reasonable speed and true. No ball in hand either as the fairways were firm with a good thickness under the ball.

At the special coupon rate this is a great day out although the Course, as usual, was the winner. Back at Bert’s with the ‘Golfers Special’ going down with a few thirst quenchers, the results were read out. Recent returnee Tom Harrington wow with 32 points ahead of Joel Flor in second with 30 points in second and Graham Buckingham in third with 29 points. T.T.F.N.


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