Tropical Bert’s we 06/06

Tuesday June 0​3, Khao Kheow – ST

Brian Gabe Takes Parting Shot

The usual group plus a few welcome faces we haven’t seen in a while met at Tropical Bert’s  for the “golfer’s special” breakfast before the trek out to Khao Kheow.  The weather this day was  – surprise – hot and humid, but a couple things were happily missing this day; a rain delay, and those pesky gnats that swarm around your head.  Perhaps they have gone away for another year or don’t much care for Khao Kheow.  Either way it was nice to be rid of them.

We were assigned to play the A and B courses.  Khao Kheow is one of the most interesting and scenic layouts in the area, so it is sad to report the fairways on the A course were heavily infested with creeping weeds, patchy areas, and an uneven cut. We trust that this nine will quickly get back to the usual Khao Kheow standard.  The B course was much better.  Enough of that, on to the golf.

Khao Kheow is always a tough but fair test.  Enough water to make even steely nerves shake, and the island green is always waiting!  Back at Bert’s several had bruised egos, but Brian Gabe (17) showed the course who was boss with an impressive 39 points.  Brian is leaving us soon for a few months and made sure we won’t forget him too soon.  He still has one more round to play before his hiatus.  The always dangerous Max Scott (5) finished in second with 37 points, followed by Dick Warberg with 34 points and Maurice Roberts with 32.   Near pins were claimed by Max Scott, John Harrison, Dick Warberg, and Noel Pittard.

Friday June 06, Plutaluang – ST

Henry and Dave Score Big at Navy

Friday morning at Tropical Bert’s several regulars and a few faces we haven’t seen in a while met for the “Golfer’s Special” breakfast before the trek out to Plutaluang Golf Course, better known as the “Navy” course, and it was pure coincidence we played a military course on the anniversary of D-Day.  Was it our imagination or is it slightly cooler and less humid than we’ve had the past couple months?  Anyway the clouds of little flies seem to have gone into hibernation for another year.

Upon arrival we were assigned to play the East and West courses.  We haven’t played these in a while and everyone seemed to enjoy playing the layout.  Course conditions were best described as fair to good with the greens recovering from aeration and sanding​, but would this impact the results of the competition.​  Navy is always a challenging course, but today ​ a few​ brought out ​the ​ “big guns” for the event, and your score better be high (as in Stableford high) to get any reward.  Back at Bert’s for refreshments and food, the results were tallied.  Tied for first with an impressive 42 points was Henry O’Brian (22) beating out Dav​id  Edwards (15) on countback.  In third was Landis Brooks (7) with 39 points.  Well played!     Near pins went to Dav​id  Edwards, Henry O’Brian, Dave Nicholson, and Guy Stewart.

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Henry and David

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