Tropical Bert’s 22/10

Tuesday the 22nd October 2013: Greenwood (Stableford) It is a long way to go to Greenwood if it is going to rain there, so we had a smaller than normal group who arrived at Bert’s early in the morning. The hope was to get onto the transport early and so be early on the first tee. The reality was ‘Somehow’ we had a Bus problem and so finally got underway half and hour late. Call it a language problem, still we did manage to get up there and our first Group was away in time. Thanks to the other group who were understanding when we shared the rest of the Tee Offs. Mind it was tight.

So one good thing about being there was that the carts were allowed on the fairways and as we went around we found this to be justified. The fairways were good, if not even firm, and as an addition we got to play the B Nine. Not having played it for some time it was a question of spotting the differences. Actually I did not really spot any although the Nine was in really good condition. We then went onto the C Nine and this nine was also in good condition, so we had a good walk around on reasonably good fairways.

We found that after the soggy greens of late, the greens although sanded slightly, they were playing fast and this threw a few players, including the scribe. We did not however get off completely scott free, as the early groups sat in the Restaurant the Heavens opened and it hammered down, seems the Golf Gods were with us, except for our last four ball who were just finishing as it hit. It is sometime good to be in the first four ball. The near the pin markers however did come in soaking wet. I did say how sad I was to the last fourball that they got wet, but they thought the smile on my face made it not true. Sad really.

The drive back was not fun as the whole area had been drenched and the potholes in the road occasionally woke me up, I had to tell Mashi to try and miss them.

Late back at Bert’s a hot cup of tea soon revitalised me and the results were soon read out. The winner, with the best round he has ever had, was Max Bracegirdle with 45 points, and way back in the dust we had a countback on 35 points that was won by Dick Warberg in second and Geoff Bracegirdle in third. So it was really a Bracegirdle Day. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Geoff Bracegirdle (2) Brian Gabe Homma Winners.

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