Tropical Bert’s w/e 5/11

Tuesday The 5th November 2013: Pleasant Valley This is a Course that seems to raise likes and dislikes in many of the Golfers. This was probably reflected in the turnout which was quite small for this time of the year, or most likely they were saving their powder for the big Competition on Friday.

Still we had 4 groups and we were soon underway to the Course. The bridge where we come off Route 7 is under repair, so be very careful, but we were soon at the Course. This to me is a good Course, a little bit tight but it looks a ‘Clean’ one and you can enjoy the walk around. Except on this day I had ‘One of those caddies’. I fully understand the need for a caddie to have their start and first round, but a sensible ‘Caddie Master’ would send out a new Caddie in a group with one very experienced Caddy and with the capacity to teach.

There is nothing more annoying than to play a provisional ball because your caddy says you ball is ‘O.B.’, then to spend time in the woods looking for it, then to find it in the middle of the fairway. That is unless you are given a Driver on a par three, or left alone on the green while your caddy takes your sand wedge back to the cart. Get the idea?. However I have to say I am not the most tolerant of players so I probably got what I deserve,

So to the Course, and it was fine really. The fairways were green and in good condition, the rough was difficult and the greens I thought were in good fast condition. What is more important, is that apart from a strong wind the weather was really good.

Back at Bert’s it was time for the results. The winner with a good 42 points was Don Carmody ahead of another good round of 40 points from Brian Gabe just coming back to form. In third was Daryl Evans with 34 points. It was then time to get busy as Friday was not far away. We did however have a few beers. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Landis Brooks John Harrison (2)
2013-11-05 17-56-57 - IMG_0897bb
Winners with one of Bert’s finest, just returned to the fold.

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