Tropical Bert’s 4/2 & 7/2

Tuesday The 4th February 2014: Khao Kheow (Stableford) There may be less people coming to Thailand, but it has not been seen in the number of Golfers wanting to play golf. As soon as the lists are put up for the following week they are practically full, and for this visit to Khao Kheow we even had a few golfers who put their names down as reserve. We could have turned out another 4 ball but Khao Kheow said we would have to get there early to slip in the extra group we were playing.

So we met as usual and soon got underway. Now I must have been to this Course a hundred times and I have driven there most times so this was just a dawdle up Route 7. That was until I noticed the road seemed a lot more concrete than I was used to and I realised I was past the turnoff for Pleasant Valley. No problem, a quick U turn and I would soon be back. Not so easy as there were no places to turn and I drove for a long way before I actually found a way back. Still I arrived at the Course with 15 minutes to spare. I may have had the start sheet but as I arrived at the start the first group were away.

I was however able to get away fairly quickly and the test for the day was to be the A & B Nines. I always have a good turnout for all visits to Khao Kheow as this is a really fine Course and these two nines are, to my way of thinking, the best 18 holes. On this day the Course was in reasonable condition, the fairways were fine and the rough was as it usually is, difficult. The main problem on this day, apart from the wind, was to be the greens. Khao Kheow usually has really good, fast greens, but on this day they were very slow. There seemed to be a lot of grass on the greens and I suppose my claim to fame on this day was a near pin, and at the same time 4 putting the same green. Not one of my finest moments but trying to get the ball to move on some of the greens required a driver.

So round over it was time for a shower, a bite to eat and into cars for the trip back. No major problems on the way back and I actually found my way to Bert’s without getting lost.

We were soon into the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 20, the winner was Mashi Kaneta with 38 points ahead of Brian Gabe in second with 35 points, we than had a countback on 34 points that saw Richard Kubicki in third and Andre Van Dyk in fourth. In the B Flight the winner, with the best score of the day, was Henry Wong with 40 points. In second was Rita Zoebeli with 34 points on countback over Don Carmody. In fourth was Tom Cotton with 33 points. We then, as is custom, decided to have a few cold ones. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Derek Brook Doug Maiko Bernie Cairns Carole Kubicki
Long Put Brian Parish

2014-02-04 18-06-44 - IMG_0967Berts2
Flight Winners with one of Bert’s Finest

Friday The 7th February 2014: Pleasant Valley ( Stableford) I sometimes wonder why we play this stupid game. We pay a lot of money to walk for miles on grass, or in the trees, hitting a bit of round stuff that never goes where it is supposed to. Worst of all is that as you get older you find that you cannot do what you did twenty years ago and you are steadily getting worse. Where you used to hit the ball a mile, now it takes a mile to even warm the muscles and brain up. Scores you used to hit are only dreams and your best shots are only a flash in the pan. Memories of great rounds are just that, memories.

So we are left with memories, and maybe that is why the ‘Goldie Oldies’ keep playing. Mind one thing, certainly I do not do now is to practice. I remember practicing at least three times a week and working at it. So why do we play?, well I have no real answer except to say it is like a drug you are addicted to. You realise you are not what you were but see no reason to stop taking the treatment, or punishment

So, many players turned up at Bert;s to go for another day of chasing a white ball that went where it wanted. Maybe that is it !! fresh air and keeping the body moving. Plus we do not like being beaten even if we know we are being battered like never before. We always hope to bring back the days of triumph, despite the fact that the very best of the players here are not, or even ever were, anywhere near the ones we always see on the T.V. But we do have some good fun, and most can take the same time as the Professionals to play a lot more shots.. You need to be a masochist to play this stupid, but great, game. And maybe that is it, it is only a game.

All the players stood on the first tee at Pleasant Valley believing they could turn the clock back and play the best game of their lives. On this day the wind was strong but off we went. The Course was in quite good condition, except that the greens had not ben cut and were over slow. It is difficult to play on greens this slow, but some managed to put well. The rest of the Course was as is normal, reasonable fairways and tough rough.

Sadly we all think we can win, shooting a score that to most people is quite embarrassing. However all you have to do is shoot a better score than the rest of the players on the day, and after you can sit around the table and talk about the one great shot that made sure you won.

Back at Bert;s it was time for the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 20, the winner was that ‘Bandit’ Mashi Kaneta with 37 points thus making this a ‘Mashi Week’, having won also won on Tuesday, but this day won only on countback over In second Bob Edward. In third was Andre Van Dyk with 35 points on countback over Brian Gabe in fourth. In the B flight the winner was Don Carmody with 37 points with Henry O’Brien second with 36 points on countback over Tom Cotton in third. In fourth was Rita Zoebelli with 35 points on countback over Dick Warberg just missing out. Then we did what we do and the reason we really play, spent hours telling all the rest why we did not play like a Champion and how unlucky we were. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Henry O’Brien Tom Cotton Doug Maiko (2)
Long Put Graham Buckingham (2)

2014-02-07 18-10-17 - IMG_0968Bert's
Winners outside Tropical Bert’s

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