Tropical Bert’s 4/12 & 6/12

Tuesday The 4th December 2013: Khao Kheow ( Stableford) Well at the end of the day the good news is that Tom Herrington did not lose on countback, mind there is plenty of time in the coming weeks. The crew however met early at Tropical Bert’s and we had more than a full house, so as I told the golfers on this day, please book early and if you cannot play make certain that you inform the organiser, choose where you play. When you close the list there is always someone who wants to play, and usually someone who drops out, although on this day all the players turned up. Thanks for the good actions of our players.

So onto this day, and with a large group we informed the Course we had more than booked and they very kindly slipped the extras in. Thanks, as usual the help given by this Course is always exemplary. So after our normal meet at Bert’s it was into cars and away we went, to arrive there in plenty of time to change and get onto the first tee. The test for the day was to be the B & C Nines, I have to say that the C nine is my least favourite and I usually mess up the last three holes. However, a test is a test.

Last week I played with Bob Watson, and saw how well a fine Amateur could play. So I watched him on that day, as we played, to try and see how he played, to see if I could learn anything, apart from being 20 years too old. Never be afraid of playing with good players, they had to start somewhere and I have learned over the years they are usually very good with the duffers they play with. Having lost 50 yards off the tee I thought I would take note of his power game and thought I had spotted something that since I was a single handicapper, some years ago, I have let slip. So I decided to try a new idea, in fact back to how I used to play 20 years ago. But would it work with my new ‘Goldie Oldie Body’ that is the question.

This Course has a great Course Management that plays the game with the players who play it all year long and does not put golf on the Course out of the pocket of the local players. It is also a really top class course so if you want to play a tough Course come and play it. Last year B Nine was closed for a long time and seemingly has much better draining but it still has a tough finish and B 7,8,9 can be a game killer.

From the off I hit the ball like I had not done for ‘Donkeys Years’ and turned the clock back. Not only that all the puts went into the hole. It is really good when you go out and all your game is back, indeed after 9 holes I was so chuffed with 25 points I though this could be a great round. Then the other players reminded me how well I was playing and I was onto the C Nine. You know how it is after a great nine when the wheels fall off, question is could I keep it together enough on my least favourite nine to sneak in?.

Meanwhile the man who usually does the same to me as most players do to Tom Herrington, win on countback, was having a great back nine, Mashi was on a run. The greens on the back nine are not as slick as the greens on the B Nine but the test is I think a tough one and as usual I blew C 7,8,9. Now it got a bit nervy,

There was a strong wind and I noted that the Tees were back and the Course was very long, but thought that with so many players we would have someone come out of the woods. Playing into the wind, especially on the C Nine was a bit of an extra test and as usual blew the ball around, for me into the water.

The Restaurant here is very good and you get a good view of the Course. I usually sit here and collect the results in and have a bite to eat. I always expect the players off the Red/Silver Tees to do well here and I am usually not let down. The Red Tees are so far in front of the Yellow that it gives them a decided advantage and with the wind very strong, being closer to the green on B 8 gives them a good chance of hitting the island green. Scores in it was back to Bert’s.

We were a bit late getting back and as usual Mashi nipped home to drop his car off, and he drinks tea. However it was soon time to declare the scores. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner with a great comeback on the C Nine was Mashi with 37 points on countback over Steve Hamstad. In third was Landis Brooks with 35 points and in fourth was Tom Herrington with 34 points and fortunately no countback. In the B Flight, with the best score of the day, the winner was Derek Brook, The Scribe, with 40 points despite a real case of ‘L.M.F’. on the back nine. In second with 36 points was Mick Coghlan, with Barry Oats third with 34 points on countback over Rita Zoebelli in fourth.

With the bar full a great night was then had by all, well me, telling the tale. I even thanked Bob Watson for being a good Golfer to copy. Mind I rather think that with the memory bit coming in it might be a problem remembering how to play next time. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Brian Parish Tom Herrington Max Scott Tom Cotton
Long Put Mashi Brian Parish

2013-12-03 18-08-59 - IMG_0910BBBB
Winners with Pu

Friday The 6th December 2013: Mountain Shadow ( Stableford) We had a big Group of players who turned up to play the Course for the second time in just over a week. It shows that players do like the Course. So after an early brekkers in Bert’s, it was off to Mountain Shadow.

Soon changed, it was onto the first tee and we got away with a gale blowing, as it did for the whole day. So with the strong wind blowing, some of us spent much of the day in the rough and for me, it was a question of after The Lord Mayors Show’ for me. The fairways were as expected but what was apparent was that the greens were very slick and not helped by the wind blowing us all over the place. It was going to be a tough day.

It was a fine day until my group reached the par 3, 15th hole, when the group in front of us seemed to be standing over long on the green and waving their arms. After they finally left the green and we played our tee shots I went up to ask why they took so long on the green, to be informed that Mike O’Brien had got a hole in one, well that of course made certain that we would have a lot of players back at Bert’s after we got back. But very well done Mike.

Round over it was into cars and back to Bert’s where surprise, surprise we had practically all the golfers back. The winner of the A Flight, 0 to 19, was Bob Watson with a great 37 points ahead of Steve Hamstad in second with 34 points. In third we had a countback on 32 points that saw Dick Warberg in third and John Davis in fourth. In the B Flight we had Brian Gabe as winner with 37 points ahead of Mick Coglan in second with 30 points. In third was Mike O’Brien with 28 points on countback over Henry O’Brien in fourth.

Then as is the normal, Mick O’Brien bought all the Golfers a drink and a good night was had by all. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Mick Coghlan Graham Buckingham Max Bracegirdle Mike O’Brien ( Hole in One)
Long Put Daryl Evans Bruce Berlin

2013-12-06 17-05-31 - IMG_0912BB
Mike O;Brien Hole in One

2013-12-06 17-36-58 - IMG_0915BBB
Flight winners wit one of Bert’s Finest

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