Tropical Bert’s 08/04 & 11/04

 Tuesday The 8th April 2013: Bangpra ( Stableford)  I always know the Low Season has started when we visit Bangpra. During the High Season it is difficult to get the Tee Times we want and the rate does tend to be a little high for our regulars, but come April off we go to Bangpra and at a reasonable rate and time.

Or ‘ Happy Days are here again’. Especially as this is the land of ‘The Rainbow Ice- Cream’ but more later.


   This can be a really tough test of golf and in many respects it always depends on the wind and the speed of the greens. On this day we were off a little early as the tee was free when we got there and I noted the wind was strong but not extra strong. The fairways were good if a little firm and then we reached the green. The greens were not as fast as expected and were a little slow if anything, however take these greens lightly and they will bite hard as they did. When you have played these greens for years you still expect them to be fast and it takes a long time for you to get the ball to the hole. Then you hit too firmly down hill and the ball zooms away.


It is also getting very hot on the Courses now, and the walkers are starting to suffer. It is not much better in a buggy, however get a bit of speed up and the wind does you the world of good. Then you stop and roast slowly. However the round was enjoyable except they closed the rest stop by the stroke index one hole and it was inundated with monkeys. They can be a real nuisance but  some of us had planned to top up with water so we had to wait a few more holes. 


  Round over it was soon into the showers that are new here and a real treat. We were also treated to a eulogy on the new toilets from AVD, who reckons

they are the  best in any Golf Course changing room and reach parts that other loo’s cannot reach.


  I always spend time in the Restaurant here and I remember years ago when I used to book this Course just to sample the Rainbow Ice-Cream. Suffice to say I sampled it on this  day and I have to say it is superb still. You can also get a special if you like Japanese food, so Mashi is happy


   Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results which up to the standards of late were quite low. The winner in the A Flight, 0 to 18, was Walter Baechli with 34 points on countback over Brian Parish in second. In third was Brian Gabe with 31 points on countback over Mashi. In the B Flight we had the best score of the day when Jim Ferris won with 37 points. In second was George King with 34 points and in third was Dave Cooper with 31 points. Then as is normal we relaxed after a hot day with a ‘Cold Un’.   T.T.F.N.


Near pin     Bob Britton   Brian Parish   Mashi


B Flight Winners with one of Bert’s finest


 Friday The 11 April 2014: Pattana ( Stableford)  If you have not been to play here you really have to make the effort. During the High Season it seems difficult, not only to get a tee time, but to get a reasonable green fee. We saw an opportunity when Pattana advertised a cheap Green Fee in the Pattaya Mail for groups of 5, at 800 Baht. This ran out on 11 April so we booked for 11 April after removing 5 of the advertisements from the Pattaya Mail.


  I think the Course were a little surprised when a Group turned up with cut outs from the Pattaya Mail, but after discussions they accepted the rate and we all booked in. Some say good old Dick for the forethought. So having booked in it was down to the changing rooms. Those who have not been here would be astonished at the quality of this Clubhouse, and to my mind it is the best of any Golf Clubhouse in the area. Indeed you will have to go a long way to get a better set up. The changing rooms are a pleasure to use. So off to the start.


  The test for the day was to be the B & C Nines, for those who know the Course, that means a drive on the B1 between two water hazards’, then an approach across a water hazard to  raised green with a bunker in front. A tough start. The good thing about the Course is that it has grass on the fairways, so you feel that you can actually hit the ball off the grass. Many Courses at the moment are bare and hard, but not Pattana. Mind it is a tough Course and the greens are part of it. On this day they were hard, at the start, and fast and some of the greens are very large so three puts are not out of the normal.


With  us well underway we noticed the sky start to darken and the wind pick up and then about B 7 the rain hit and we heard the siren go so quickly found a rest stop where we saw out the worst of the rain. When the siren went again we were soon underway, but the ground was a bit wet and soggy and carts were kept to the cart paths. It was still raining and as we approached the B9 green the rain came down harder and we had to take cover for a short period, once again. When it stopped raining we gave it 10 minutes, as the green was wet, to allow it to drain.


On to the back nine and the rain had slowed things down, but the scribe was going great guns, best round for years, so the cooled atmosphere was a pleasure. The C Nine is difficult and you need to stick at it, but with the rain slowing the greens down it was a great walk in the park. Great day out and a pleasure to play despite the rain. Even more the scribe had his best round for years. I lived in hope.


  The changing rooms as said were great but then I looked to have a drink before leaving. You can go upstairs to the Restaurant, but it tends to be a ++ place, however it is usually fine dining. On this day I went to the downstairs café where you can get a quick snack and had a cold can of beer, and very welcome it was I can tell you. Then I found Mashi and it was back to Bert’s


    Before the presentation I sneaked in one of the ‘Friday Specials’ and as it was Cod and Chips with mushy peas, I did enjoy it. So onto the results and with his best day for years the winner was, The Scribe, Derek Brook with 44 points, and it could not have happened to a nicer guy!!. In second, also with his best round for years, and five birdies, was Les Cobban, well played. We then had a countback on 38 points that saw Brian Parish in third and Mike O’Brien in fourth. It was then time to relax  T.T.F.N.


Near Pin     Brian Parish   Mashi Kaneta   Les Cobban   Tom Herrington


The winner with one of Bert’s Finest


Self Photo of the winner as I take all the pics.  







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