Tropical Bert’s 30/09

Tuesday The 30th September 2014: Green Valley ( Stableford)  The day did not look at all promising as I made my way around to Tropical Bert’s, the rain was coming down and the sea was rough.  This was just one of those days when you wonder why on earth you got out of bed, not even think about getting soaked on a golf Course. This reality was confirmed when the players who were not turning up for one reason or the other became clear.


Still, we still l had four groups so off we went to the Course. The drive up there was one of doom and gloom as we hit one of those heavy rain storms as we journeyed there and the sky looked really full of rain, no way we could play today. Then as we turned off the 36 to the final run to the Course, the rain eased and we saw a little light ahead through the gloom.


It was still that damp feeling as we went to the start, but it was not raining and although it threatened the whole day, the weather stayed really rather perfect, overcast, a little humid with some light rain, but a really nice day out. The Course was lightly used and except for a group ahead that we had to slow down for at times, we moved along very nicely. The Course itself had recovered from the storms well and apart from slow greens the Course played well.


We went to the German Restaurant and once upon a time I used to have my German favourite, but it has sadly disappeared and I will not comment on the food, except to say it is not as good as it used to be.


Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results and they were important as, it being the last Tuesday of the month, it was also the MBMG Golfer of the Month.


The winner on the day was Dick Warberg with 39 points, we then had a countback on 37 points that saw Mark West in second, Max Scott in third and Bob Watson in fourth.


The MBMG Golfer of the Month was a close affair, however by winning on the day, and other contenders not winning the countback, the Winner of the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month was Dick Warberg.  Well done.


Near Pin   Landis Brooks   Max Scott   AVD   Mark West


Dick Warberg wins MBMG Group Golfer of the Month presented by Mark West


Winner and Runner Up with one of Bert’s Finest


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