Tropical Bert’s 28/01/&31/01

Tuesday The 28th January 2014: Kiarti Thanee ( Stableford) Seems we have nothing to do at present but to drive all over the Country to play Golf. As if the last trip to Bangpakong, was not tiring, this was even more of a drive at least 20 km past Royal Lakeside, what is more non of the players had been there before. Maps and instructions on how to get there were in demand, as was the guesses on who would get lost. It may be noted that Dick and I decided that this was a trip too far for ‘Goldie Oldies’ and decided to get a lift with some of the ‘Younger’ players.

So it was into cars and the Mini Bus and off we went. Sat Nav’s were in demand and the drive started. Well it is a long way, however I was with Mashi, and for the first time ever I found out he owned a Sat Nav, I thought he knew every road in Thailand. Still as we got closer the road got quite bad with road works. Never one to be beaten Mashi went on till finally we did a U-Turn and found the sign. Lucky us, but the surprise was that all the drivers got there despite some taking various different routes.

Going to a new Course is a bit weird after years of playing the normal Eastern Seaboard circuit, I wondered how it would match up to them. Well we were soon at the 10th tee, starting the back nine first. The first thing I noticed was fairways , flat, lined with trees. And a lot of water. As we finished the first hole I noticed a lot of water on the fairways and realised they were flooding the fairways with water. In some places it was so bad the ball picked up large pieces of mud and the thought that we should play ‘Lift, Clean and place’ came to mind. This was the same all the way around.

Continuing the round it was seen that the greens were fine and all the players commented on them, but tree lined straight holes continued and really it became much of a boring round. Maybe not quite that bad but the nearest I can compare the Course to is Royal Lakeside which is just down the road. We could have saved 20+ Kilometers and played there. Maybe not so, it was fine to play another Course, and the caddies and staff were a pleasure to deal with. Most of the players really enjoyed their round.

After a quick meal most players got underway as soon as they could and went into the madness of the traffic, until I woke up as Mashi pulled into Pattaya. Those speed bumps can be annoying!!. We got back to Bert’s as we had expected, really late, and it was soon time to get the results under way.

In the A Flight 0 to 19, the better players coped with the ‘New Course’ much better. The winner with 38 points was John Davis ahead of a countback on 37 points that saw John Hackett in second and Brian Parish in third. With 36 points Takeshi Hakozaki was fourth. So into the B Flight, and here we saw the scores were a little lower, to the Scribes delight. The Winner with 37 points was James Ferris ahead of Mike O’Brian with 36 points in second. In third was Derek Brook with 34 points and in fourth was Daryl Evans with 33 points.

This was the end of the month and it was time for ‘The MBMG Group Golfer Of The Month. The build up was close on scores and the leaders were all on the same points so who amongst them got points on the final day would win. Well with John Hackett coming overall third that extra point was just enough to see him cross the finishing line. So The MBMG Group Golfer Of The Month for January was John Hackett. Well done John. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Mashi John Hackett Ted Morris Dick Warberg
Long Put AVD Carole Kubicki

2014-01-28 19-02-21 - IMG_0961Bert2
Dick Presents to John Hackett

2014-01-28 19-03-13 - IMG_0962Bert3
Flight Winners

Friday The 31st January 2014: Greenwood (Stableford) We seen to be doing a lot of driving lately, it seems that every time we meet we have a long way to go, perhaps it is because many of the closer Courses have an inflated sense of price at this time of the year,or maybe some just like to drive.

Anyway we still had a good bunch to play this Course, and as they met at Bert’s there was still a full Group. As seems normal these days the bus was there when we got there, but as seems to happen when we went out the bus had gone and we had the usual time chasing it to get it back. And as seems normal it returned after 30 minutes or so. What Thai Time?.

The drive up there was very interesting,. I always used to call the 331 the most dangerous road in Thailand, but since it has been widened it seems a bit easier. Many are the times, a few years ago, I used to drive on the road an meet two or more vehicles, usually busses, coming towards me. On this day as we neared Greenwood there was a holdup as there was a major accident. The Ambulances were there and obviously people were injured. One vehicle was in the ditch and others parked around. A sight that used to be seen regularly and sadly a bad beginning to the day.

A quick book in saw us at the start and the A & B Nine were to be our target. So off we went into a strong wind, as is usual these days and it stayed with us all day. The thing about the A Nine was that the greens were very fast and were a pleasure to play. The rest of the nine was in good condition but with the wind proved very difficult. Onto the B Nine and the sad thing was that the greens were quite slow, two completely different nines. The other thing was that we always were waiting, and although we got around in good time it reminded me not to play in a three ball on a Friday.

Round over we soon got underway back to Pattaya, and as expected on a semi holiday, the road into Pattaya was very busy. I came back down the road that joins the 331 into the route 7, turn right at Pattana, or on the bouncy road. I do not think I have ever driven down a roan that bounces so much, but it does get you onto the 7 fast. From then on the road was packed. Still we got back in the end.

So to the results. The winner on the day, with the only good score, was Alan Sullivan with 37 points. In second with 33 points was Colm Mullen with Derek Brook in third with 32 points. We then had a three way countback on 31 points that saw Don Carmody in fourth, Henry O’Brien in fifth and Brian Parish just missing out. T.T.F.N.
Near Pins Frank Pilkington Michele Sancillo Don Carmody

Winners with one of Bert’s Finest

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