Tropical Bert’s 29/07

Tuesday The 29th July 2014: Crystal Bay ( Stableford) The more I run Golf the less I seem to understand what actually goes on here in Pattaya. Three weeks ago we had seven players to go to Khao Kheow, one of the Premier Courses, and as I looked at the list on the Sunday before we had 27 players on the list.

Now the ‘Organisers have to put in the number of groups , and book with the Courses, before the 20th of the previous month. How I can tell one Course we have 7 players and tell another we have 27 sometimes makes me lose sleep. I usually can guess reasonably well but sometimes? and all in the ‘Low Season’.

On the morning as we met at Tropical Bert’s, the numbers finalised at 25 as a couple of players were said to suffer the aches and pains that the passage of ‘Father Time’ brings to the fore, still we had 7 groups and now to go down Sukhumwit to the Course. Not a bad drive on this day as the traffic proved to be fairly light.

A quick change and onto the first tee, where we found we were to play the C & A Nines in that order. We were able to get away a bit early, and soon were onto the first green where we found the problem that was to plague us all day. The greens were in terrible condition. By that I do not mean badly cut or sanded or anything so mundane. The greens were just covered in many coloured grasses. To put over them was a lottery and the worst was the very deep green patches that seemed to act like velcro and not only slowed the ball down but threw it all over the place.

The weather was fine, except for a strong wind that seemed to rise occasionally, the fairways were in good condition, and the rough reasonable. This Course really has to sort out those greens as they spoil what we all thought, that this could be a super Course, with decent greens.

There has ben some work on the facilities and the towels are now good and white. The Showers seem better but the Restaurant is still dingy although the staff are very good and helpful. .With 7 Groups it was a long time until all the results were in, then it was back to Tropical Bert’.

Soon it was time for the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Alan Sullivan with 40 points ahead of Ton Herrington in second with 39 points on countback over Brian Parish in third. Good scores with rough greens. In the B Flight one man won by a street as Dick Warberg won with 43 points. In second was Brad Robins with 35 points and in third was Frank Pilkington with 33 points.

This was also The MBMG Golfer of the Month day and after this days results we had a Four way Tie, that went to count back. However with a great last day Dick Warberg won on Countback over Tom Herrington, Brian Parish and Max Scott. So The MBMG Golfer of the Month was Dick Warberg. Well done Dick. T.T.F.N.

Near Pins Dick Warberg Brian Parish ( 2) David Nicholson
Long Put Takeshi Hakozaki David Nicholson

Dick Warberg The Winner Of The MBMG Golfer of the Month presented by Derek Brook


Flight winners with one of Bert’s Finest

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