Tropical Bert’s 29/04 & 02/05

Tuesday The 29th April 2014: Greenwood ( Stableford) This golf game is really played between the ears and in some respect according to ‘Anno Domini”. There us no doubt that with the passing of the years the power to play the game tends to slip away, but many golfers compensate for this fall in power with a much better thought game between the ears. But some do not.

It has to be said that there are many golfers here who have maintained their ability well into the three score years and ten, but also some who find their handicap rise as they get on in years. The scribe was like that until a couple of months ago and had a handicap that seemed to be flying out. However a sudden thought on a days golf seemed to remind me of forgotten actions. The results is a couple of months of playing well and suddenly this golf game has become a pleasure to play again, and the handicap falling like a lead balloon. I wondered what would happen on this day at a Green Valley that could become anything.

We had a late start as it is a little difficult to get an early start at present if you are at all slow out of the blocks. So with a bit of a lie in, we were still off at 1145 into a strong wind. The Course is in reasonable condition at present but the wind was unsettling and as we teed off effectually at mid day, it was very hot, I mean really hot but at least as the day wore on we move into a cooling late afternoon. By then of course we were fried.

The way ahead was fairly clear as we sent off a couple of three balls first and the four balls could move at a reasonable sped. The front nine was difficult and not surprising the scribe struggled while some in our 4 ball had really good front nines, still I was 4 or 5 shots behind after 9 holes, the question was could I get it back on the back nine. Surprisingly I played the back nine really well and as we finished I was in hope, but the rest had been playing well, we would see.

With a late start it was a quick stop in the Restaurant and into cars for the journey back. As soon as we got to Bert’s it was time to announce the results and it was also time for the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month, this had really been decided early on as the winner had won the first two Competitions of the Month.

The winner on the day was The Scribe, Derek Brook, with 38 points and a really good back nine. In second was Tom Herrington with 37 points. We then had a countback on 36 points that saw Brian Parish in third, Dave Cooper in fourth and Brian Gabe in fifth.

It was then time for the Winner of the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month and the Winner was James Ferris. Well done. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin AVD Brian Gabe Steve Durey (2)

James Ferris being presented by Mashi Kaneta as Mashi is our ‘Most Winning”.


Winner and Runner Up on The Day with one of Bert’s finest

Friday The 2nd May 2014: Treasure Hill ( Stableford) Not a big group on this day, and with Dick busy moving it fell to AVD and Brian Gabe to run the day. So first order was to squeeze as many into the bus as possible, and of course this led to a cosy drive up there. However we can put up with being sardines if we can get out onto the golf Course. Actually the bus took 10 players in relative comfort, I suspect the bus will be a lot fuller in future.

Soon booked in it was onto the first tee and away we went. It was a bit breezy but well within our ability to play, and with the fairways being in quite good condition, we made good speed around the Course. The greens were also in quite good condition but the green on hole 16 was multi grass and was a bit of a problem.

The round was soon over and it was into transport and back to Bert’s. The group were back early and so could get on with the results early. This is a difficult Course and no one on this day managed to shoot their handicap, still all in all the scores were quite good. The winner was B
rian Parish with 35 points ahead of Jim Ferris in second with 34 points, We then had a countback on 33 points that saw Brian Gabe in third and Tom Herrington, losing a countback again, in fourth. Alan Sullivan was fifth with 31 points. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Alan Sullivan AVD Barry Elphick Brian Gabe


First Three with one of Bert’s Finest

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