Tropical Bert’s 27/05 & 30/05

Friday The 30th May 2014: Crystal Bay (Stableford)  It has to be said that when Crystal Bay is put on the schedule, I am always there and so it has been for many years. Although this Course is a little faded these days it is a day spent on a Course that is not too taxing and that is scenically pleasing.


So despite it being a Friday we had a good turn out at Bert’s in the morning. Then into transport for the drive to Crystal Bay. The route is up to Sukhumwit, turn left and keep driving until you see the towers on your right. It is not quite that simple however, especially when you go with Mashi, as he seems to know all the back roads to beat the traffic.


Arriving at Crystal Bay it was soon changed and onto the first tee. The Test for the day was to be the C & A Nines in that order. I always think the toughest nine is C so it is important to get a good start on this nine. A big push right on the first and my ball was not found and on the next a pull into a hazard saw me with just the start you do not want, time to get to work, even if the wind did get stronger.


The walk around here is quite easy as it is essentially a flat Course, the fairways are well defined and there is only a little water. It has got a little less well groomed over the last few years and I can remember when this was, to me, one of the best Courses around. It is still worth a visit but it is a little worn now. The main problems seem to be the greens that are multi coloured where different grasses seem to grow and make putting most difficult. Still it is a great way to pass a few hours, despite the fact it is so hot at present.


Round over it was a quick bite to eat and back to Bert’s by Mashi’s route.


Soon into the results. The winner on the day Was Daryl Evans with a fine 40 points ahead of Maurice Roberts in second with 39 points. We then had a countback on 37 points that saw Derek Brook  in third and Landis Brooks in fourth. Then it was time for a couple of cold ones.   T.T.F.N.


Near Pin   Maurice Roberts   Ian Smith   Landis Brooks   Barry Oats


Winner and Runner up with one of Bert’s finest



Tuesday The 27th May 2014: Laem Chabang ( Stableford).  We keep meaning to include this Course in our list for the Month, then realise the cost of the  green fee, and wait till the low Season. Now we are in the Low Season it is a wait for the Sports Day and then off we go.


Many of the players prefer not to play as they like to walk, but for the ‘Needy’ who usually take a buggy, this should be a great day out on this Jack Nicklaus Designed Course.  One of the other big advantage of this Course is that it is only a short drive up the road, so we were soon there.


On this day we were informed the test was to be the A & B Nines, this to me is the best test as the C Nine seems a bit of an add on and seems a bit out of the way, besides the drive on C 1 can be quite scary. Talking of scary we were soon onto A1 and that is a very well known opening shot and one that you can lose your ball on.


The Course on the day was wet, so of course we could not go on the fairways, even if we could when it is dry. This meant that drive your ball a long way from the cart path and you had a long walk, even worse your caddy had a longer walk as she always had to walk back.


On the first nine the Course was in good condition but with the rain the greens were very slow and the first green had been sanded so was even slower. The Course is as Laem Chabang is and what can one say, except that it is a really classy Course. However on this day the humidity was as bad as I can remember on and day, for many years. We were dripping and your hands were soaking wet. really bad.


We were soon through the A Nine and onto the B Nine, wet from the humidity, when a thunder storm cooled the place down. The thunder and lightning around us was truly impressive and as said cooled the place down. After a break of half an  hour or so we were able to carry on in now quite cool weather with soggy fairways. But no one complained, the drop in humidity was tremendous and well received.


Round over the clothes we wore were so wet with rain and perspiration it was as if they had been in a washing machine. Ah, but the shower was fine.  Soon into the fine Restaurant where the service is good and the prices are ++. I always find it sad when the prices are ++ because you always wonder where the service charge goes and still end up tipping the staff. Mind it is a bit pricey but the surroundings are fine.


Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results. The winner with a fine 38 points was Landis Brooks ahead of a countback on 35 points that. saw Brian Gabe in second and Mark West in third. Then a countback on 34 points saw Ian Smith in fourth and Maurice Roberts in fifth.


It was also time for the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month and with his second place the winner was Brian Gabe.  Well done Brian.


Near Pin     Barry Oats   Brian Gabe   Max Scott   Paul Sharples


Brian Gabe wins The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month presented by Dick Warberg


Winner and Runner Up

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