Tropical Bert’s 26/11&29/11

Tuesday The 26th November 2013: Mountain Shadow (Stableford) These days we always have a good turnout to play this Course, Once the turnout would be much smaller as this Course had a fearsome reputation, but for some reason it seems to be much more playable these days. I rather expect the difference is due to the greens. I seem to remember them being really treacherous, but these days they are difficult but within reason.

So we all reached the Course on time and after a quick book in we were soon outside with most of the players on the practice green. Down on the first tee we found that we could tee off a little early, and with the weather looking good decided on the Blue Tees. A real test of golf.

The Course was in good condition overall, the fairways were a bit worn as were the greens but over all it was good day out. I played with that ‘Boring Golfer’, Bob Watson. He must get really bored as all he does is belt the ball miles down the middle stick it on the green and has to two put usually for a par. He really does not get to see the parts of the Course that we more adventurous souls do.

He did however get a bit carried away on the par 5 around the Lake. After a big drive he went for the green and put it in the water, well that’s him gone I thought as I bimbled around the water. Only to see his ball 6 foot from the pin with his second ball over the water, and of course he sank the ball for a boring par!!!.

Round over it was a quick shower and into the Restaurant where looking out of the window we saw it pouring down. Fortunately our last group finished just before this downpour. What they did not do is dash to the showers as the power went off and all food was off the menu. The early finishers had something but with no power it was cold water and not a lot of it.

Back to Bert’s through the rain and as we had not spent long in the Restaurant at the Course we were back early.

Not only was this a rainy day, it was also the MBMG Golfer of the Month and at the start of the day it was led by Brian Gabe with Brian Parish just behind. In the dust was Bob Watson just in range but had to win with the other two coming in way behind. Surely one would score well or someone would beat Bob, after all playing off three handicap, and with me putting him off, he would have to have nerves of steel.

So to the results and we would see again our ‘Nearly Man’ lose on countback. In the A Flight, with the best scores, the winner was Bob Watson with 37 points on countback over Tom Herrington. Tom has to win a countback one day. In third was Tony Scamber with 36 points. In the B Flight the scores were not as good. The winner with 35 points was Barry Oats with 35 points with Derek Brook in second with 33 points and Mick Coghlan third with 31 points.

You will have seen the two Brian’s did not have a good day and Bob Watson deservedly won with a great last days round. The shot over the water at the par 5 was a great shot and if for no other he deserves to be the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month. Well played and well done Bob. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Mike Lloyd Tony Scamber (2) Barry Oats
Long Put Brian Gabe Dick Warberg

MBMG Golfer of the Month Presented by Dick Warberg

Special Flight Winners

Friday The 29th November 2013 : Battavia Century (Stableford) Gathering for breakfast at Bert’s on this fine morning, the talk was mainly concerning how to deal with the traffic snarls that were sure to develop in the afternoon due to the closure of Beach Road for the Fireworks Competition and not about the prospect of playing a Course that has undergone major renovation and been closed for several months.

Ultimately we decided to avoid the traffic by doing our presentation of the results at the Course,and dropping off riders at convenient areas outside of the congestion area.With that decision made we were soon into cars and headed out for our first look at Battavia Century Golf Club. It has been over a year since we last visited the Course previously known as Century Chonburi and there was concern for the cars as the access roads left a lot to be desired the last time we went.. Well let it be known that the roads are not much better now, but that there is a major road work underway on the main access road from Highway 331 and if one takes it slow and easy, to avoid the larger potholes, it is not a bad drive.

A pleasant surprise greeted us on arrival with an air conditioned ‘temporary’ clubhouse and a remodeled locker/changing room. Construction of the new Clubhouse is well underway and was reported to be ready for use in a couple of months. After a swift check-in we were on the first tee and ready to go right on the scheduled tee time. The first hole looked great with new tee boxes, a well defined fairway and well presented bunkers spread out before us.

As we went around we found that the entire Course was in very good condition and well maintained. Greens were rolling true, at reasonable speed, and downhill puts needed to be avoided. With a new sprinkler system installed, the days of rock hard fairways may well be a thing of the past on this layout. The course seems to play a bit shorter than the distances stated on the tee boxes as the distance markers are all located on the back of the tee boxes, and the playing tees were well forward. With the white tees listed at 6600 yards it was nice for we old hackers to be teeing it up closer to the front of the tee box.

Just a 4 hour walk around for our first group and after a quick cool shower we gathered in the Clubhouse for a drink while the results were tabulated and the results determined. Some good Golf today with the winner Daryl Evans first with 38 points on countback over Tom Herrington. You cannot make up a result like this as the countback loser comes second again, but one day!!!. In third was Brian Parish with 36 points and in fourth was Mark West with 34 points on countback over Jack Robertson and Joel Flor.

All were pleased with the staff and the Course and we will return over the coming months. Presentation over it was back into the cars and back to Pattaya and the traffic. It seems like we made the correct decisions as all made it home without undue delays or major problems. We will have to double up and have our rehash of the round next week at Tropical Bert’s. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Brian Gabe Mark West Landis Brooks Brian Parish



Mashi Commiserates with Tom after coming second again, and again, and again etc. Is Mashi laughing ?

Mashi Commiserates with Tom after coming second again, and again, and again etc. Is Mashi laughing ?

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