Tropical Bert’s 25/02

Tuesday The 25th February 2014: Mountain Shadow ( Stableford) This was a day out that was over subscribed from the minute it was put on the board. Later withdrawals brought the number of players down to a manageable number, but it is indicative of the numbers of golfers in Pattaya at the moment. All information I have is that other groups are having the same situation, so it seems as far as the situation in Bangkok is concerned, Pattaya remains not only the same, but as a haven from the rest of the world.

This Course has those who love it and those who hate it. I used to be in the latter, I thought it was too difficult, but as Father Time catches up, and the handicap flies out and I have time to smell the roses, I have started to fall into the earlier category, except for the fact that the ceiling is missing above the showers and you never know what is on the hunt.

To get there you either go on route 7 or on Sukhumwit, and it really is a matter of how you feel. I usually go down Route 7 and past Bangpra as I find that easier, but if the traffic is light, Sukhumwit is shorter. On this day we made good time and seemed to have a good time to unwind before we started.

Soon at the first it was time to get away. Yes it was also really windy and this does make the Course much more difficult as get into the trees and you really do have a lot of trouble. We also decided to play from the blue tees, which on a windy day such as this is a real test. So soon we were away.

It proved a really trying day and no one seemed to be having a good day, indeed most were struggling. The fairways were very hard and the greens were quite fast despite the fact that some were sanded . Still all in all a good day out despite the conditions, and you only have to play good enough to win.

We got around fairly well with only a slight hold up at the end. Then a quick stop in the Restaurant where I think they have the best French Fried on any Course.

We also had to determine the MBMG Golfer of the Month on this day, but that had seemingly been determined after the second week when Henry Wong won for the second time in two weeks. I even. noticed that he had his hair cut, probably for the photo’s. Surely he could not lose!!. In fact the only person who had a slight chance was Mashi as he had two seconds, but he would need to win on the day and Henry come nowhere. Surely not. I played with Mashi and he only had 35 points, I was pretty confident Henry would walk it.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results.

In the B Flight, 20 up we had the lower scores. The winner with 32 points was James Ferris with Dick Warberg second with 31 points.We then had a countback on 29 points that saw Jack Robertson third, Don Carmody fourth and Mike O’Brien and Carole Kubicki just losing out.

In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the miracle was completed as after Mashi’s first card in of 35 points nobody beat it. So the winner was Mashi Kaneta with 35 points on countback over Steve Hamstad in second. In third was John Hackett with 34 points and in fourth was Mark West with 33 points..

In the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month, with a win on the final day Mashi Kaneta won by one points from Henry Wong of ‘The Haircut’. Well played Mashi and hard luck Henry. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Walter Baechli Richard Kubicki Paul Brooks Brian Gabe
Long Put Tom Cotton Giampaolo De Grandis

2014-02-25 17-45-48 - IMG_09782
Dick presents The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month to Mashi

2014-02-25 17-47-21 - IMG_0980
Winners on the Day with one of Bert’s Finest

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