Tropical Bert’s 24/12 & 27/12

Tuesday The 24th December 2013: Silky Oaks ( Stableford) Where do the years go ?. It certainly does not seem like twelve months since we were meeting at Bert’s to make our annual trip to this Golf Course. However on this morning the place was packed and I even had to close the list on the previous Sunday as the list was full and we could just not take any more. I wondered if it was the Golf Course, the time of year, or just the fact it was nearly Christmas and the players needed to get away for the day before the fun!! started.

So with a jump start we all got into transport and arrived at the Course in good time, changed and were soon on the trip to the Course. You have to go use a cart and it is a fair trip to the first tee, well a few minutes. The first drive is over water and I suppose a few balls went into the water but then we were away on our day out.

This Course is a bit different from the other Courses we play, in that it is essentially two nines on nine holes. On the second time around they use, sometimes, different greens and fairways and always a different tee. Quite clever really except if it is your first time there you can get totally lost and go to the wrong tee or green. Mind you always have the ultimate, a caddy, bless them.

Apart from that it is a Course with a lot of water on and greens that are nearly always above you and you have to play up to them, that is except the par threes that seem to be below you and into the wind. Mind one Par 3 that is so close, downhill with the wind behind that you cannot believe it and hit it straight over the back. Then the greens being above you as you approach, are very hard to hold and on this day sanded. Apart from that we had a great day.

Back at Bert’s we had our Xmas party, that is after the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Bob Watson with 41 points, work that out with a handicap of two, a great round of gross 69. Make you wonder whether you should play this game as there is no hope for most of us. In second with 40 points was Brian Parish and in third was Rob Brown with 39 points. In the B Flight the winner was Carole Kubicki with 39 points, note the Kubicki’s are back in town and winning early this year. In second was Silvano Pizzato with 36 points on countback over Barry Oats in third.

This also being the last Tuesday of the month we also had The MBMG Group Golfer of the Month. This month there was no doubt about who it was, Bob Watson ran away with it. Well done indeed Bob.

We then had our little bit of fun and bottles of wine were awarded to some lucky Golfers, then we had a few beers and a good night was had by all. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Rob Brown (2) Brian Parish Walter Baechli
Long Put Landis Brooks Tom Cotton

2013-12-24 19-37-55 - DSC_2874
Flight winners

2013-12-24 19-38-48 - DSC_2875
Bob awarded MBMG Group Golfer of the Month by Derek Brook

Friday The 27th December 2013: Plutaluang ( Stableford) Sometimes it is a good thing to get away from the turkey and trimmings and to have a walk around the Golf Course, that is if you have nothing better to do!. It seems that over twenty golfers had nothing better to do as they met at Bert’s to go for their walk around. This of course gave others the real reason for this time of the year and have a lie in and good luck to them !.

Soon at the Course we found that we were to play West and North Nines so away we went. The weather was great and the Course was in fine condition so we were able to move along. We also found the greens much faster than normal and this was a nice surprise as we usually find them quite slow. Soon back in the restaurant we found as is usual good food and drink at a good price. We also had a great view over the Course as the restaurant shows the ninth hole of more than one nine. Now the fun was to start. The drive back on a Friday at Xmas.

The road back from Plutaluang is packed at this time of the day, and year, so it was a slow drive back. Mind some drivers went along the route 331 and found that although much longer it delivered them, via route 7. into Pattaya Nua which is usually a reasonable way to get to Bert’s.

The players were back at Bert’s late, what with a late start at the Course and heavy traffic. Dick soon got on with the results. In the A Flt, 0 to 19, the winner was Tom Herrington with 36 points ahead of Alan Sullivan in second with 35 points. In third we had a count back on 34 points that saw Landis Brooks in third and Mark West in fourth. In the B Flt the winner was Torsten Bischoff with 37 points ahead of on 35 points Henry O’Brien in second. Daryl Evans was in third with 33 point on countback over Barry Elphick on fourth, both with 33 points.

Now to the event of the day that ensured that our ‘Countback Loser’ Tom Herrington did not have to have a countback on this day. Tom had a ‘Hole in One’ and therefore ‘Rang The Bell’ when he got back to Bert’s. Well done Tom. Incidentally two ‘Holes in One’ in just over a week is not bad. Must be Xmas. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Tom Herrington (2) ( One Hole in One) Alan Sullivan Veronique

2013-12-27 18-15-25 - IMG_0927
Tom Herrington, ‘Hole in one and Flight Winner

2013-12-27 18-31-59 - IMG_0929
Torsten and Lady

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