Tropical Bert’s 24/07 & 26/07

Wednesday The 24th July 2013: Burapha ( Stableford) I have been here several times of late but always seemed to find myself playing the C & D Nines but on arrival we found out we could play the A & B Nines. Now while the first two are a test the A & B are the original and somehow are a great test and a pleasure to play. I started out in a good mood, always a good start to a round.

The good mood continued when we got to the start and were allowed to go to the start early and in fact get underway early. Maybe the Course was not as full as we thought. One of the things that puts off some of the Golfers about this Course is that you have to take a cart, for me no problem but we do have those who like to walk. On this nine you could walk quite easily, where as on the other 18 holes you really need a cart, so some players do not go. They missed a fine day out.

So off we went and as it happens Mashi birdied the first. Now I would like to say I have never seen it before, but it gets sort of boring after a while. Sad thing is from then on I do not think he missed a put, we all get days like this but Mashi does it regularly. The rest of us battled on.

The Course is in pretty good condition if a bit soggy. The grass is also a bit long in places and it was nice to see that the grass cutters were out, even though it rained quite a bit. Not the throw it down type of rain, but the annoying spitty type that does not go away. Obviously the greens were fine as Mashi could not miss.

Soon finished we were soon into the Restaurant, and it was soon noticeable that this was a ++ Restaurant, and that always puts off the players. Sad thing is that after charging you 10% for Service they always expect a tip!!. Also annoying on this day is that when one of our players got his change he found that it was wrong, so called over the staff to tell them. It took him a long time to convince them they had given him too much change and they went away to try to work it out. Finally he had to go to the counter and show them why they had given him 200 Baht too much. His only comment was that they did not even say thank you. Sad is it not.

Back at Bert’s very early, we decided to have the results early.

The winner as you may have realised having had a great putting day was Mashi Kaneta with 40 points. Just behind him on 36 points we had a countback that saw Derek Brook in second and Daryl Evans in third. In fourth was Ted Morris with 33 points. As is usual we then had a couple of ‘Cold Un’s’.

Friday The 26th July 2013: Crystal Bay ( Stableford) Crystal Bay is always a favourite of the Golfers and it has been for many a year. While it is a bit of ‘Faded Glory’ these days it is still a fine day out. On this day we arrived to find we were to play the A & B Nines and also the place was not particularly full. So we were able to get away a little early.

As it has of late the wind was a major factor and blew strongly all the way around, but it in no way reduced the pleasure of a day out on the Course. The fairways were a bit soft and the rough hard to get out of but the greens were fine, if a bit slow.

Soon around it was into the showers and a search for one that worked and had warm water, but the search was successful and I was pleased to see we had nice white new towels, and that was nice to see. Then into the Restaurant that although showing signs of age provides decent food.

Back to Bert’s very early we were able to get the results early also. The winner with a fine 38 points was Dick Warberg ahead of Mick Coghlan in second with 37 points, We then had Bob Watson in third with 36 points and Takeshi Hakozaki in fourth with 35 points. As we were finished early we had a long night ahead, so had a few ‘Cold One’s’. Again. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Don Carmody Tom Harrington Henry O.Brien

2013-07-26 17-04-33 - IMG_0840
Winner and Runner Up with one of Bert’s finest

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