Tropical Bert’s 22/7

Tuesday The 22nd July 2014: Greenwood ( Stableford)   Looks like the Low Low Season is over and the number of Golfers is back to normal as we had a good turnout for the trip the this Course. Mind the drive up there was really bad as we went via the road that is from Sri Racha to Pattana and is is so badly ripped up that there was no way we would drive back that way.

So we arrived at the Course to see the car park totally empty, well maybe a couple of cars but that was the lot. Seems like the low season is hitting all around. However when we finished there were a few more cars in the park but not many. So onto the Course where not surprisingly the Course was really quiet and we were able to have a nice quiet round. I say quiet as we played the C & A Nines and as we got to the tee on the first par 3 we noticed a large group of dogs surrounding us. Then all hell broke lose as all around us a ‘Dog Fight’ took place and it was really nasty. They took lumps out of each other, then the screeching as some ran away and the winner ruled the roost. Mashi really will have to stop taking food to please the dogs,  they leave footprints in the bunkers.

So onto the Course and it was in really good condition. It had rained the night before and the Course was quite wet, so the grass ‘Thru The Green’ was quite long, but the greens were good and fast and the fairways were nice and lush. As said we had a fine quiet round and were soon around. The food here is well priced so a quick bite and we were soon on the way back, missing the rough road we travelled on the way up.

Soon back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results. We had two Flights and the winner in the A Flight 0 to 18 was Alan Sullivan with a fine 40 points. In second was Tom Herrington with 39 points and in third was Max Scott with 38 points. In the B Flight the winner was Reg Cochrane with an excellent 41 points. In second was Dick Warberg with 39 points and in third was Mick Coghlan with 36 points.

Fine day over it was time to have a couple of cold ones.   T.T.F.N.

Near Pin  (1)   Alan Sullivan   (2)    Reg Cochrane   Mashi

Flight Winners with one of  Bert’s finest.


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