Tropical Bert’s 22/04 and 25/4

Tuesday The 22nd April 2014 :Crystal Bay (Stableford) With half the Tropical Bert’s Golfers still not back from escaping the joy of being soaked in Pattaya  the previous week, it was a relatively small group that went down to Crystal Bay to try and get the Golf Swing going after a weeks break.

 The drive down there was pleasantly quiet, as if this area was enjoying the peace and quiet missing the pervious week. So it was a relaxed group that drove into the Crystal Bay Complex. I do not know if you have ever been here but we normally just drive to the Clubhouse. In years past I have driven around this complex and it is as large as a small Town. Truly amazing.

A quick book in saw us on the first tee with the test for the day to be the C & A Nines. The C Nine, in my opinion tends to be the  hardest so to get away on this nine into a strong wind set the day up to be a struggle. Still after not playing for the best part of a fortnight, it was a pleasure to get out on the Course and face the wind. That was until the ball started to go where it wanted as it does into a strong wind, and with the wind behind it somehow does not seem to allow the ball to go where you want it as It carries it way along the path. Weird.

 The Course on the day was in quite good condition as recent rain had softened it quite a bit, so it was possible to get a good strike on the fairways and the rough was not too bad with it being dry for some time. The big no here was the greens that have all sorts of different grasses on them. Some places on the green are totally different colour and some places run and others are like velcro. Still I suppose it is the same for all. It was also really hot and the wind did help to keep the Golfers cool.

 Round over it  was back to the Clubhouse and into the showers. Here the good new as many of the showers had been worked on so could be classed as refurbished!!. Some of the Restaurant seemed to be worked on although it is a faded place these days. However this was a fine day out and well enjoyed by all the players.

The drive back was seemingly quite quick, only spoilt by the occasional use of the brake which tended to make you jerk awake, or the speed bumps that tend to do the same. Still we were soon, I am told, back at Bert’s. It was a bit early, but after partaking of the ‘Golfers Special’, Bangers and Mash, it was time for the results.

 The winner on the day was John Hackett with 39 points ahead of Derek Brook in second with 38 points. In third we had a three way countback on 34 points that saw Dick Warberg in third, Takeshi Hakozaki in fourth and Dave Cooper just losing out.  Then it was time to relax.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin    Takeshi    Max Scott   (2)    Barry Oates

Winner and Second with one of Bert’s finest

 Friday The 25th April 2014: Greenwood ( Stableford) With many of our regulars not yet back from their Songkran trips away, and others participating in ANZAC Memorial Day activities at Kanchanaburi, it was a small but enthusiastic group that met at Tropical Bert’s for breakfast. Then heading off  to one of our favourite Courses. So it was into cars and a fairly quick trip up the 331 to the Course.

A quick check in and pleased with the low season rate, the first group was off C-1 on time. With the nines on the day being C and B and the Course not crowded, all were looking forward to a reasonably quick round. All went as anticipated for a while but then the lightning started and the ensuing thunder storm sent the players to find cover. However, being used to Golf in ‘The Tropics’, the group waited it out, gave the Course a chance to dry out a little, and then continued, albeit an hour later than expected, and all a bit damp.

 Round over it was into a quick shower and then into cars for the quick trip back to Bert’s and the awaiting ‘Golfers Special’. As the scorecards were collected and reviewed it became clear that the rain had not hampered the groups ability to play and score well.

 Congratulations to Carl Selwood on his final day day of golf before heading home for his fine 43 points taking first place. He was followed by Andre Van Dyk who continued his recent fine form with 39 points and second place. Brian Parish then beat out John Hackett, both also showing good form recently, for third with 37 points. Thanks to Andre and Brian Gabe for stepping up and organising the day as the normal suspects were busy elsewhere. T.T.F.N.



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