Tropical Bert’s 21/01 & 24/01

Tuesday The 21st Jan 2014: Greenwood A &C ( Stableford) Some days things do not go well, on this day when I arrived at Bert’s the mini bus was there with doors open , but when the boys went out to get in it some time later had disappeared. We eventually got it back, but it meant many left half an hour late and put pressure on us to get to the start on time.

Surprisingly when we got to the Course there were very few cars in the park and this took some pressure off, and as we got to the start tee the passengers from the bus arrived and all was well !!!. Unless you have to try to get players changed and in fact move fast.

The trick was getting the people away from the first tee and this we did, if not quite in the order we had planned it. We also got away into a very strong wind, seems normal these days. This made the day difficult, still this is a Course that is fair if you are playing well, and so we battled on.

The Course itself was in fair condition and we found that with the Course being watered we had to dodge the sprays and the soggy patches. The ground was very firm, as I noticed after we finished and my hand was quite bruised, still the Course was well playable. The greens were also in good condition so all in all a great day out. And as the scores came in it was noticeable we had a few decent one.

The drive back is always a good one, I sit in the back of the car and look at the inside of my eyelids. Suitably refreshed it is then time to get into Bert’s and sort out the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 20, the Winner was John Hackett with the best score of the day 38 points ahead of Mark West in second with 36 points. We then had a countback on 35 points that saw Alan Sullivan in third and Doug Maiko in fourth. In the B Flight the winner was John Marritt with 36 points ahead of Graham Buckingham in second with 34 points. we then had a countback with 32 points that saw Max Bracegirdle in third and Don Carmody in fourth. It was then time for a ‘Cold One’ or two. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Daryl Evans Tom Cotton Keichi Kasami
Long Put Daryl Evans Keichi Kasami

2014-01-21 18-08-32 - IMG_0954
Winners with one of Bert’s Finest

Friday The 24th January 2014: Bangpakong (Stableford) This Course may be a long drive but these days it is certainly worth taking the trouble. We had a full group to travel to this Course and surprisingly most found it with no problems, I say most because there is always one and for some reason some Sat Navs seem to find a problem, however in the end all got there in time.

On arrival, not having been there for some time, we were really pleased to find brand new changing facilities, and in the words of several of our players. ‘New Lockers and Showers, Fantastic’. So they were pretty good and made the start to the day really good.

As said we have not been there for some time and the Course seems to have had a lot of work done on it, to the extent that I did not hear one complaint and only good things. This was always a fine Course, long and fair and if you played well you would get a good score. On this day the Course looked as well as we can ever remember and all aspects were great. Especially the greens though and they were as good and true as any we have played for a long time. This was a day on a great Course with great weather.

The trip back always seems shorter when you have had a great day on the Course and the miles flew by and we were soon back at Bert’s, in fact, not that much later than going to a nearby Course. It was then time to sort out the results and see who had played really well on this fine Course.

In the A Flight, 0 to 20, the winner with the best score of the day was Brian Gabe with 43 points ahead of Landis Brooks in second with 39 points. We had a countback on 36 points that saw Brian Parish in third over Colin Mullen. In the B Flight the winner was Graham Buckingham with 42 points ahead of Henry Wong in second with 39 points on countback over Paul Alford in third. We then had a relaxed night. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Andre Van Dyk Henry Wong Michele Sancille Brian Parish

2014-01-24 18-04-11 - IMG_09581

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