Tropical Bert’s 21/08

Tuesday the 21st August 2014: Green Valley ( Stableford) Always on the list when we book, this Course is one of the best if you just want a good day out on a first class Course. I must say of all the Courses at this outlet I think this is the best. So it was no surprise that we had a full turnout to go there.

It is a nice and easy drive up to the complex, and is in many ways a nice change from going to all the other Courses, as you head for Rayong, although I suppose you could throw in Rayong Country Club, but, in my opinion good as Rayong C. C. is it is not in the same class as Green Valley. The only problem with Green Valley is that you have to book well ahead of time to get a start time you want, just lately we have done well.

So we were at the start on time as as one does usually at Green Valley, and on this day I sent off a 4 ball with Daryl Evans leading it as he had to get away as he had a flight to catch so we went second. Now I do not think our 4 ball was slow as we got around in 4 hours, give or take a couple of minutes, so Daryl must have been in a hurry to catch his flight, as we did not see his dust. Wow.

This Course really is a pleasure to play, it is what I call a clean Course, you know where the fairway is and your line of sight and play is very easy to see. But get off line and it will hurt you. It is also one of the Courses that many of us played when we first came here. I remember clumping down the hill in spikes as we did then, and playing the first, downhill with lemon grass grass on both sides. It was a fine Course then and despite changes it is now. Although I am not too sure about some of the changes.

As I said, soon around it had been a pleasure to play, as it was in fine condition with the fairways well grassed and the greens fast as usual. The changing rooms here are fine and I do like the showers. What is more the weighing scales are a pound or two under so fine with me.

I have always collected the cards in in the German Restaurant as I lived in Germany for many years and it is my favourite type of food. However the German food is not up to its previous standard for me, however I must say they have introduced a ‘Salads for Golfers’ of various types. I have to say that as I always need to keep my blood sugar low, this is a fine addition, and several of our group had this salad meal and enjoyed it. It has to be said that very few of the Courses had meals for Diabetes and as most of the Expats are not young and more, I do think the Courses should provide this type of food before telling golfers they cannot bring food on the Course.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results. In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the scores were good. The winner with 36 points was Maurice Roberts with 36 points ahead of Max Scott in second on countback. In third was Dick Warberg with 35 points. In the B Flight the winner was ‘Buckers’ or Graham Buckingham, take your pick, with 36 points ahead of Daryl Evans in second with 34 points. In third was Dave Richardson with 32 points.

By the time the results were declared Daryl was probably getting on the plane. T.T.F.N.

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