Tropical Bert’s 21/05 & 23/05

Thursday The 23rd May 2013: Crystal Bay (Stableford) For many years this was my favourite Course, and even now with it’s glory somewhat faded by a lack of maintenance, it is still well worth a day out. The fairways used to be immaculate and the Clubhouse spick and span, and it seems it is now looked after less than perfect.

However go without the memory of how good it used to be, and you will still think this is a fine Course. It is also a good rate to play the Course, so all in all well worth a visit. On this day we booked in and were soon on the first tee, which was the C Nine to be followed by the a Nine. We had not played the C Nine for some time, and it is a very tricky test. On this day with a strong wind it proved to be really tough, however with not having played it for some time it was like playing a new Course.

The A Nine is an old friend and we play it quite often, so although we had a strong wind it proved more friendly than the other Nine. The fairways on both nines were in quite good condition but the greens were good, as usual fast and tricky but pretty true. Of course as is usual at present it was really hot,

The showers were fine if you like cold water and the Restaurant is good despite it’s faded glory. All in all a fine day out.

Back at Bert’s it was Burger and chips as ‘The Golfers Special’ and with a big turnout, as soon as the golfers got in it was time for the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Bob Watson with 41 points and a gross 70. Fine round and not unexpected from this fine golfer. In second was Darren Sargood with 40 points and in third was Brian Parish with 37 points on countback over Dick Warberg, The Warberger had just sneaked into the A Flight, which was unfortunate as if he had stayed in The B Flight he would have been in the frame. In the B Flight the scores were not quite as good, but the winner was John Filmer with a fine 40 points. In second was Derek Brook with 36 points and really sad that Dick was in the A Flight. In third was Ray White with 34 points. My commiserations to Dick, sad innit?. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin A Flight Max Scott Mashi (2) Mike Gaussa
B Flight Dick Warberg Daryl Evans John Filmer Barry Oates

WinersTuesday The 21st May 2013: Khao Kheow ( Stableford) Once a month we like to go to this Course and test ourselves against one of the toughest. We usually get clobbered but it does not stop us going back for more, and that is because we like to test ourselves. Sounds good does it not, but for most we just want a day out on a great Course.

So on this day a small but select group of four balls set off from Bert’s looking forward to a great day out. We were pleased!! to see ‘Rodney’ back and despite a ‘Rodney Warning’ we still had brave souls turn out to play. Mind they did not know.

At the Course we noticed the car park was nearly empty, so it was a question of getting in and getting to the first tee, where we found that we were to play the A & C Nines. We found out that there was no chance of playing the B Nine as it was under major construction. The whole of B9 was ripped up and being reworked.

The 18 holes we played is difficult, certainly the most difficult 18 holes, and a very strong wind did not make day any easier. To beat your handicap here you have to play really well and to play on a difficult day like this any good score would be a leader.

The Course proved as expected very difficult, still the Course was in very good condition. The fairways were clean and the greens were fast and true, so maybe we would have a good score or two.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results, and the winner with a very fine 38 points was Alan Sullivan ahead of Walter Baechli in second with 35 points. In third was Paul Sharples with 34 points and in fourth with 31 points was Mike Gaussa ahead of Mashi. This gave us plenty of time for a few cold ones. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Daryl Evans Walter Baechli Darren Sargood

2013-05-20 17-27-23 - IMG_07832
Winner with ‘Dick the Organiser’

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