Tropical Bert’s 19/07


Friday July 19, Treasure Hill

Watson and Cotton Find Treasure

This Friday the Tropical Bert’s gang headed out to Treasure Hill. We haven’t played there in a while (so many courses so little time) and all were pleasantly surprised on many fronts. The weather was just perfect with cloud cover but no hint of rain, cooler temps, and a steady breeze, and all agreed the golf course was in excellent condition. Treasure Hill is a tough but interesting layout and you better hit straight because the bunkers are well placed (or poorly depending on your view) to catch any wayward shot. This is a very scenic course as well, so overall a good day.

Great weather, great course, so who would take advantage? There were enough players to have two groups, and when the results were tallied it was clear that Treasure Hill is more than just a pretty face, you better know how to hit the ball. In the “A” Flight Bob Watson (7) again made his return well known by taking first place with 36 points on countback over his partner in crime Max Scott (6). Third place went to Brian Parrish (13) with a respectable 35 points. These three names in various order are often seen in the winners circle lately.

The “B” flight scores were somewhat lower, attesting to Treasure’s Hill’s trickery. First place in this flight went to Tom Cotton (23) who earned 34 points. Then Dick Warberg (19) edged out the recently returned Don Carmody (23) both with 30 points.

Near Pins: Cy Tang (2), Landis Brooks, Bob Watson





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