Tropical Bert’s 18/03

Tuesday The 18th March 2014: Mountain Shadow (Stableford)  This Course was once the most feared Course around. Stand on the first tee and you knew you were in for a hard time. I remember taking a large group of golfers here some years ago and they all got beaten out of sight. Indeed the winning score was 28 points. Let the wind blow here and you will spend a long time in the trees, and the trees just seem to swallow the balls up. Best you get out of them as soon as you can. That can be really difficult.

  The real problem in years past though  used to be the greens that were really fast and with a bit of wind could blow the ball anywhere. Some of them at times were so tricky that a four put was really not just a probability but was the norm. I wondered how the day would pan out with only a mild wind. Trees or greens to be a problem?. So it was off the white tees to play safe and let us get underway.

  Usually these days when we play this Course the Course is packed, but on this day when we got to the first tee the way ahead was clear and we were away nice and early. In fact it was some time before we spotted the groups ahead. The wind was still blustery but all in all it was a great day out. The greens were still tricky and I suspect they always will be, but the fairways were reasonable and the rough fine except for those trees.

One thing I always do, and only at this Course, is sit by the start and have a cold beer from the kiosk. The view over the last few holes and the first few holes is a pleasure and usually a couple of the players stop and spend the time with me. Just a one off but a real pleasure.

   A quick bite in the restaurant and then back to Pattaya.

   Back at Bert’s early it was time to relax before the results. The scores were on the whole good. In the A Flight, 0 to 18. the winner was Andre Van Dyk with a fine 41 points ahead of Mark west with 38 points on countback over Doug Maiko in third. In the B Flight the winner with 40 points was Derek Brook, also a fine round. In second was Barry Elphick with 33 points on countback over George King in third. Then as is usual we put the world to rights.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pin       AVD    Doug Maiko   Tom Cotton   Barry Elphick


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