Tropical Bert’s 18/02 & 21/02

Tuesday The 18th February 2014 : Greenwood (Stableford) This is probably the Course that we play regularly, that is the one the most distant from Pattaya. Despite this fact the list of people wanting to go there was filled within a couple of days of the list going up. I say that because next week we are going to Mountain Shadow and before I had concluded the presentation and after the picture on this day, the list for next week was over full. Normally I close the list at the numbers we have booked, but this week their was one more 4 Ball for next week than I normally take, before I even got time to check the numbers. Fortunately the Course have allowed the extra group, but it seems to show that although the numbers of tourists are down, ‘The Golfers’ are in Town’. Since then we even have ‘Reserves’, weird innit.

However on this day we were away on time, with the Mini Bus actually being there, with Bob Watson cracking the whip. So surprisingly away we went on time, and also arrived on time, despite the potholes on the road that are getting so bad they actually remind me of home. On arrival we noticed that the car park was nearly empty. The good thing about this Course is that it is so easy to book in and get to the first tee. On this day we were also to play the best 18 holes and that is The A & B Nines, in the correct order. And despite having a slightly later time to start we were able to get underway a bit early.

As usual the wind was blowing, mind not too bad, so off we went down A1 and I put my drive in it’s normal position, behind the trees on the right, but this time I managed to miss the tree ahead and this was a surprise, so away we went. For some reason the Course seems harder these days than it used to be, could be a fault of ‘Anno Domini’ and the way every year passes much quicker than the last. So those of us who suffer from this syndrome battle on year after year against mounting odds to beat the foe, or the Golf Course. Also the handicap which is not the only thing that gets bigger.

The only good thing is that I am amongst my peers, generally, so a day out like this is really enjoyable for the ‘Goldie Oldies’. With the wind a factor the water in front of A3 beckoned, so in went the ball. A tough start, and the day remained difficult on the front nine. On B Nine for some reason the going seemed to get easier and we zipped around. On both nines the greens were a bit slow and the fairways were good to play off, if a little hard. Still we got around.

As the results came in, one thing I noticed that I had not seen before. With 27 players that meant 54 goes at a near pin on the A Nine par 3’s. Well we did not have one, that meant that nobody hit a par three and we did have some single handicappers. Things happen all the time at golf that amaze.

The way back passed as a ‘Dream’, I am a volunteer to sit in the back. The sooner they sort out those big holes in the road the better I will rest my eyes!!.

Back at Bert’s it was soon to declare the results, and this set were the most lop sided I have seen in years. Usually of late the results in the A Flight are better than the B Flight, but on this day all was turned on it’s head. Indeed the best score in the A Flight would not have got a sniff in the B Flight. So,

In the B Flight, 19 up, the winner was Don Carmody with 38 points on countback over Dick Warberg in second. In third was Carole Kubicki with 36 points and in fourth was Derek Brook with 34 points on countback over Jack Robertson and Henry Wong. So to the A Flight, 0 to 18, and the winners did not even blush, and proved that Mashi has a ‘Guardian Angel’. So the winner with 32 points was Mashi Kanata, somebody ‘Up There Loves Him’. On countback over Andre Van Dyk in second and Tom Herrington in third. Not to add to the embarrassment but this time Tom lost two countbacks, situation normal. In fourth was Dave Cooper with 31 points. Carol quite rightly said if she had played off 18 she would have won the A Flight by two points, sadly you have to declare your handicap before the card is handed in, sad innit again. Pin B2 Barry Elphick B5 John Hackett (Nil on the A Nine)
Long Put Barry Elphick Gus Dickie

2014-02-18 17-59-50 - IMG_09761
Winners with two of Bert’s Finest

Friday The 21st February 2014: Pattavia Century ( Stableford) We have started to use this Course of late despite the fact that the drive there is not very good. The back road from the 331 is still under repair and unless you have a pick up or such, with a new car get a lift. Mind most of us have cars a bit older so going slow manage to get there.

The Clubhouse we use is still the ‘Old One’ but we are told the ‘New One’ will be finished shortly. Last month it was in February and this month in March, but a look at it says it will be finished soon with the last touches, seemingly, being put to the building and the area outside. Mind the cost has gone up for the Greenfee, but is worth it.

Outside onto the Course and we continue to see improvements. Some of the greens on this day were very fast, and seem to be improving, but maybe it is just wishful thinking. The good thing about the Course is the layout, which I find is very good and in fact, in my opinion, better than Courses that have a better reputation. When the Clubhouse is finished this will be a fine place to visit.

The Old Clubhouse is now better than it used to be. The restaurant is now enclosed and has AC., and the showers sometime have warm water, though you have to be lucky. The lockers are also a bit bigger now, but still cramped together. The new Clubhouse is greatly looked forward to.

The drive back once you get to the 331 is as per Greenwood and Treasure Hill, very bouncy on roads that are not whet they used to be, but then again nor are we. So it was pleasure to get back to Bert’s. And onto the the results.

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Steve Hamstad with 40 points ahead of Walter Baechli in second with 36 points and John Harrison in third with 32 points. In the B Flight the winner was Max Bracegirdle with 40 points ahead of Barry Elphick in second with 33 points and in third Don Carmody with 32 points. T.T.F.N.

Near Pin Tom Herrington Barry Elphick Walter Baechli Steve Hamstad

2014-02-21 17-19-22 - DSC_2900
Winners enjoy a relaxing drink

2014-02-21 17-20-41 - DSC_2901
Winners with one of Bert’s finest and Hamstad sleeping

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